Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hello Betty

My dear friend, who has yet to visit my blog (is it because she's an agnostic? old joke) says she's going to finally look at it.


I didn't get the phone when she first called today, so she left a message. It's been a while since we've talked, and she said ,"I bet you thought I'd died and gone to hell."

Well...It's actually my opinion that in her younger years, when she said the Apostles' Creed, she believed.

She thanked me for not any longer trying to proselytise her. This worries me. anyway... PrAYER wARRIORS, WILL YOU JOIN ME?


Sunday, December 28, 2008


I've spent the last two evenings with Gurney's seed and plant catalogue. Edit: I don't know why I have so much trouble with links here, but if you copy and paste in your browser, you'll go to the Gurneys catalogue.

We don't have much garden space here, and the soil is poor. However, we now have a Rabbit Ranch, which produces a LOT of fertilizer. We'll try again this year, with enriched soil.

I tell you, at the end of every winter (are we there yet?) I get the urge to dig in the dirt. Mr. P's like that too.

However, we need a boy to hire to do the actual digging. Where are all those boys who used to come around for odd jobs? I bet it happens again this year. Our landlady next door has her lawnmower do ours too, but we need a garden digger. What's the going rate? I used to pay $5 an hour, but there's inflation.

May your surroundings flower in the New Year.

New topic: I'm listening to Wagner's Sygfried Idyll right now. It's beautiful and restful. However, I hate to admit to myself that I admire anything written by Wagner. Either his politics were awful, or he has guilt by association with Hitler. The WWII Germans considered his music their totem or something. I had the opportunity in Salzburg to attend a couple of Wagner operas, and in this town I'll never have that opportunity. However, I refused to go along with the group and chose Mozart instead. Surprisingly, the group came along with me.

May you be blessed with beauty, rest, and egalitarianism.

Edit: Wagner's politics were awful. He was anti-semitic.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Sister's Advice (Edit: and sisters')

My sister gave me some very good advice last night. She said, "Be good."

Matt. 19:16...there is none good but one, that is, God...

Matt. 5:46 Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect. But according to Strong's, the Greek used for "perfect" means to be mature, or complete, and also always growing. Hmmm

I'm fond of saying that the only righteousness I have is that of my risen Lord, Jesus Christ. Today I looked for the scriptural authority for that (memory like a sieve).

For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.
II Corinthians 5:21

I'm working hard at following Sister's advice, but that work seems to consist of keeping my thoughts on God the Father and Jesus, His Son.

Edit: After posting I went over to the CAST forum on etsy, and found the (other) sisters discussing

Philippians 4:13 (King James Version)

13I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

Such Gifts!

Isn't Heavenly Father good to us!?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Such Promise!

And I will bring the blind by a way that they knew not; I will lead them in paths that they have not known: I will make darkness light before them, and crooked things straight. These things will I do unto them, and not forsake them."
Isaiah 42:16

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's Christmas!

Every year, at some time in Dec., I say, "Now I've been Christmassed." I mean that the joy of the season enters my heart. It's mainly happened while arranging the nativity scene.

Well, tonight I got Christmassed while listening to wonderful music. A wonderful percussionist added his own flourish to the Hallelujah chorus from The Messiah. These days I have to raise hands to praise God during that piece. And how does Pavorotti always manage to sound so happy? Mr. P corrected me, to use past tense. But I hope Pavorotti was a real Christian. I want to hear him some more, live. Singing "O Come Let us Adore Him" in the throne room.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Projects The Embroidered Things Are Dish Towels.

We Must Remeber

So, three years ago some strange people in PA. named their son Adolph Hitler______. Some stores have declined to make a cake spelling out his name. A swastika was also requested, at least one year.

Walmart did a cake with the poor kid's name. What a shame.

The parents sound reasonable, but WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?

A few years ago I had my last name legally changed from my father's to a combination of the first names of my mother and grandmother.(don't ask) [now I'm happily Mrs. P]

I think it cost $40. I hope that little Adolph spends the money, as soon as he's old enough.

We must remember.

I'm glad the US Sec. of State (I thought Dr. Rice would make a great POTUS, but that's all over.) and the Pentagon are yawning over the Russian ship that went through the Panama Canal and is going to Cuba. We don't need to escalate the rhetoric. I do find it worrisome, though.

We must remember.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Full Moon

The full moon is partially obscured by clouds here. It's beautiful.

Have I told you I live in the house my aunt sold several decades ago? In this very room, in my young years, was a painting by a great aunt of a night scene lit by the moon. very nice

[Edit: hadn't realized, when first writing this, that the moon is closer to us than usual ]

In Japan I did a lot of walking at night, and was charmed by the little garden or back door lights. I liked the night, and decided that was because I could appreciate the light so much.

Enjoy the Light.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

ArtFire .com and Unintended Consequences Law

I just started listing our items for sale in a second venue, ArtFire. We shall see. It's a brand new enterprise, but so far sounds cheaper for the seller than etsy. I guess that means I should reduce the prices somewhat.

Remember all the toys from China in 2007 that were toxic? So Congress, quite rightly, passed a law that, beginning Feb 10, 2009, toys for sale in America must undergo independent testing for safety. I hear that costs $4000.

Unfortunately the rag dolls sold at craft fairs and wooden toy cars sold on etsy seem to be included. The legalities are being explored. However, if the wording stands, it seems to mean that small market crafters will be out of business.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ok, I was over the top
I seem to engender gentle laughter when I mention celebrating the conception of Jesus. Ok, I hear you.

I recommend reading the comment on yesterday's post. I particularly enjoyed the reference to Hosea, where God said, "I am like a fir tree."

Goody, Christmas trees aren't necessarily pagan. (I had one anyway, but had that residual guilt.)

I tell you, that Bible is a marvelous book. For many reasons.

I just mailed a package to Australia, to a member of Ostia. When I googled it, I learned that Ostia is the foremost pop rock band of Australia. Who knew?

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 8, 2008

How Does One Celebrate Conception?

See yesterday's post for why I want to do so.

So, the manger,shepherds, sheep, and eventually star and wisemen, probably happened in September. Maybe it's the Feast of Trumpets?

So, Mary's God-glorified Egg?

It seems a little personal and maybe even insulting. I have a lot of respect for the most blessed among women.

One does not make an image of the Holy Spirit.

Here is a 2nd day fertilized egg.

One-cell embryo, also called a zygote, or a two pronuclear embryo

The two circles in the middle, with little bumps which might be an artifact of electron microscopy, is the two cell person.


Have a joyous season celebrating God.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Why Dec 25 is a Christian Holiday

I've copied and pasted most of the following.


In a long section covering Luke 1:5 through 2:8, Luke writes of a specific series of events in chronological order. He begins by telling the story of Zacharias, a priest, and his wife Elizabeth, who were childless. While administering his priestly duties during the course of Abijah, Zacharias was visited by the angel Gabriel, who told him that his prayers had been answered and that he and Elizabeth would have a son. They were to name him John.

Because Zacharias doubted that this would happen, Gabriel informed him that he would not be able to speak until the birth of his son. As soon as his service in the Temple was completed, he returned to his own house. Elizabeth soon conceived and hid herself five months, unsure of how her pregnancy would be viewed.

In the sixth month of Elizabeth's pregnancy, Gabriel visited Mary and informed her, "And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bring forth a son, and shall call His name Jesus" (verse 31). Soon thereafter, Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth and stayed with her until the latter's ninth month, leaving just prior to John's birth. Jesus, then, was born approximately six months after John.

What information do we have up to this point?

» Zacharias, a priest, performed his duties during the course of Abijah.

» After he returned home from Jerusalem, Elizabeth conceived.

» Mary conceived in the sixth month of Elizabeth's pregnancy.

» John was born approximately six months before Jesus.

The Course of Abijah

To date Jesus' birth, we need a starting point. Fortunately, Luke supplies one in mentioning "the course of Abijah" (Luke 1:5). Is it possible to know if this course existed then, when it fell during the year, and how long it lasted?

Indeed it is!

I Chronicles 24 lists the courses, divisions or shifts of the priesthood that served in the Temple throughout the year. Verse 1 states, "These are the divisions of the sons of Aaron." Among the sons of Eleazar were sixteen heads of their father's house, while among the sons of Ithamar were eight additional heads of house, making twenty-four courses (verse 4).

These courses of priests were divided by lot to be officials of the sanctuary and of the house of God (verse 5). Beginning on Nisan 1, these courses rotated throughout the year, serving in the Temple for one week apiece. The course of Abijah, the course during which Zacharias was responsible to work, was the eighth shift (verse 10).

Josephus, the first-century Jewish historian—who was, by the way, of the priestly lineage of the course of Jehoiarib, the first course—supplies further information about the priestly courses.

"He [David] divided them also into courses: and when he had separated the priests from them, he found of these priests twenty-four courses, sixteen of the house of Eleazar and eight of that of Ithamar; and he ordained that one course should minister to God [during] eight days, from [noon] Sabbath to [noon on the following] Sabbath. And thus were the courses distributed by lot, in the presence of David, and Zadok and Abiathar the high priest, and of all the rulers: and that course which came up first was written down as the first, and accordingly the second, and so on to the twenty-fourth; and this partition hath remained to this day" (Antiquities of the Jews, 7:14.7).

These courses were strictly followed until the Temple was destroyed in ad 70.

The Talmud describes the details of the rotation of courses, beginning on Nisan 1. With only twenty-four courses, obviously each course was required to work twice a year, leaving three extra weeks. (The Hebrew year normally has fifty-one weeks. Intercalary, or leap, years have an additional four weeks.) The three holy day seasons, Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles, during which all the courses were required to serve, made up these three extra weeks. Thus, each of the courses worked five weeks out of the year: two in their specific courses and three during the holy day seasons.

John the Baptist was sent to prepare the way for Messiah (Malachi 3:1; Luke 1:13-17). The gospel accounts make it very clear that he was born about half a year before Jesus was born. From historical details in Luke's account especially, as well as the accuracy of the Seventy Weeks prophecy (see "Seventy Weeks Are Determined . . .," p. 2), it is clear that Jesus was born sometime in 4 bc. This means, counting back the nine months of gestation and the six-month difference in age, John must have been conceived in the first half of 5 bc.

This fact forces us to choose the first shift of the course of Abijah as the time when Gabriel visited Zacharias in the Temple. Frederick R. Coulter, in his A Harmony of the Gospels (p. 9), computes it this way:

In the year 5 bc, the first day of the first month, the month of Nisan, according to the Hebrew Calendar, was a Sabbath. According to computer calculation synchronizing the Hebrew Calendar and the stylized Julian Calendar, it was April 8. Projecting forward, the assignments course by course, and week by week, were: Course 1, the first week; Course 2, the second week; all Courses for the Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread, the third week; Course 3, the fourth week; Course 4, the fifth week; Course 5, the sixth week; Course 6, the seventh week; Course 7, the eighth week; Course 8, the ninth week; and all courses [sic] the tenth week, which was the week of Pentecost.

Zacharias of the course of Abijah worked the ninth week in his assigned course and the tenth week in the Pentecost course, and this period ran from Iyar 27 through Sivan 12 (Hebrew calendar) or June 3 through 17 (Julian calendar). He probably returned home immediately after his shifts were completed, and Elizabeth most likely conceived in the following two-week period, June 18 through July 1, 5 BC.

With this information we can calculate Elizabeth's sixth month as December, during which Mary also conceived (Luke 1:26-38). It is probable, because of the circumstances shown in Luke 1, that Mary conceived during the last two weeks of Elizabeth's sixth month. Thus, John was born in the spring of 4 BC, probably between March 18 and 31. By projecting forward another six months to Jesus' birth, the most probable time for His birth occurred between September 16 and 29. It is an interesting sidelight that Tishri 1, the Feast of Trumpets, is one of the two middle days of this time period.

I copied the above from a website that has a different purpose than I do. They want to toss out Dec.25, as it's obviously not the date of Jesus' birth.(ttp://

I, however, find it absolutely fascinating that Jesus was CONCEIVED around Dec 25, and became Immanuel, God With Us.

Anyone still wondering when life begins?

I've known for decades that this time of year has many pagan holidays, but I celebrated the birth of Christ then. Now the residual guilt at celebrating during pagan holidays is all gone, because Christians are celebrating Jesus' conception. We just move back Bethlehem, shepherds, hosts of angels,etc., about 9 months.

Happy Conception Day, Jesus!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Creative fit

Today I've been joyously coming up with new ideas.

Posted embroidery on etsy celebrating marriage.

Apologies to the singles, but Paul was actually talking about the Church and Christ. So we're all preparing for the wedding feast. Ephesians 5:31, 32.

I also broke down and purchased some more embroidery floss. I'm running out of my favorite colors!

Some etsy shops are doing very well right now. I've resigned myself to having no more sales until the economy improves. May I be surprised.

I don't think I've mentioned the circular shawl I'm knitting. Elizabeth Zimmerman , the Opinionated Knitter called it the Pi Shawl, I think, because of the interesting and helpful math involved.

I got the wool and needles last January, ( gift certificate from Mr. P for local yarn shop) and tried casting on in the circular way with those Big Plastic Slippery needles, using cotton yarn to practice. Difficult

Then it finally dawned on me that the wool is more grabby than cotton. So I recently jumped right in and tried it. Yep, the grabby wool made it possible. I think I'm in the third increase, for those of you who revere E.Z.

I'd post a pic, but at the moment it looks like a cocoon because the outer edge is, of course, on the circular needles. That probably would interest those who study topography, or possible geometry. Isn't the universe fascinating?

May you be fascinated by Good.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Snowing!

The first snow always creates a little excitement, even among the middle aged.

I'm concerned about a few political issues.

I would very much like to fix Social Security, and then keep the SS tax collected to be used solely for SS, and nothing else.

I would like for Israel to keep all the land it currently holds. (Many, a large percentage, of the Palestinians living in the area moved there After 1948)

Iran must be dealt with from a position of strength. It's a lovely idea to be kinder and gentler, but one Must understand the traditions of the society you're working with. I've been educated by an expert in the tradition of negotiation techniques used by Persians. I've also had some good friends who were Persians, and they agreed that a position of strength in negotiations is important.

Anyone who harrasses people for their political views or beliefs, especially when it gets to jostling, terrorizing (making afraid) or interrupting religious service, should be prosecuted for hate crimes. There is no special group of people in the US who have exemption from the law. Remember the blacks jailed in the "60's(well, long history of THAT in the US) for even a peaceful protest? The jail time included beatings and rape, which is deplorable, but they surely weren't treated with the kid gloves now being used by the perpetrators of hate crimes, for example, in CA, after prop 8 passed.

Anyone who beats up people coming out of a bar should be prosecuted too. I met a woman here in the Midwest who had lived in CA. She would go bashing with her SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS. Once she grabbed a hat off a guy they were beating, discovered it was a member of the class, and got immediately converted. She never beat up anybody again. I was disgusted with the initial behavior. That Sunday school class should also have been prosecuted.

I was taught in genetics class that once sperm meets egg, it's a new individual. Yes, through the ages women in difficult positions have committed suicide when they discovered they were pregnant. We have to spend our taxes, not on abortions, but on counseling and care.

I've heard that the preponderance of abortions are by white women. Do you know the vast number of couples in America who ask to adopt a white baby? The unhappy biological mother could be treated like a surrogate mother.

I looked for a photo of terrorism of either side of the prop 8 controversy. It seems that no one calls the newsmen when breaking the law.

Well, there. I don't exactly feel better, but it's good to express my heartfelt position.

God's blessings on you.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Sale and Reflections on the News

Since I seem to be keeping track of my international sales here, I'm happy to say I'll soon be mailing a package to England. It will contain three of my Dancing Shapes Series. This is a great pleasure to me because I enjoyed embroidering them so much.

Well, so, Mumbai. Well. There's another city I won't be visiting in the foreseeable future. Terrorism is working. I'm scared to go a lot of places.

I've always been wary of New York, but now with the crushing death at the Walmart on Long Island, I'm going to be (even more) wary of Walmart.

Seriously, one hears of stampedes in other countries among a couple of religious groups I won't name. So now Christians will be known as fanatic shoppers?

Christmas isn't about presents, and certainly not about bargains.

Be safe.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I have so much to thank God for, but I just happened to think of an unusual one this am.

When I taught in Japan, as I walked from the train station to my teaching assignment, I would hear the washing water draining into the ditches beside the road, and listen to a bird or two, either in cages, or in the rare tree. I would often think, "How nice it would be to have nothing to do but housework, and to be able to enjoy the birds as I did it.

Well, since the dryer went out and I decided to use our money elsewhere, I've been hanging out laundry. As I did so this morning, the birds in nearby trees were quite vocal. Such enjoyment I had. Then I realized that my heart's desire (including Mr. P) had been given to me.

So many more blessings too, especially salvation through my Savior, Jesus Anointed.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I've mentioned before that we live close to the local uni.

On party nights it can be noisy.

That's outweighed, however, by the occasional conversation with a passing student. They're so young and healthy and full of life. It's catching.

A year ago October I was having my first bad bout of painful spurs on a knee and was using a cane to walk down the front steps to the van to bring in groceries. A twenty year old blonde walked into the yard and said,"Shall I carry that in for you?" Then, she seemed embaressed and added, "I do it for my mother." (At least she didn't say "grandmother.") And she carried groceries into the house to the tune of my cheerleading. What a sweetheart.

Then last week, I'd been to the feed store for rabbit food and pine shavings. I should explain, and I do hate to admit it, we've had influenza for FOUR WEEKS! I can hardly believe it myself, but Sister says the virus going around her city is lasting three to four weeks too. Mr. P is game, but he's older by a couple of decades, looks gray, and I've kept him in bed while I do the necessary chores.

So I went out to bring in a sack of feed. We get the store to resack it in 25 lb bags so we can handle it more easily. But the shavings had been propped on top and as soon as I opened the door, it fell out. I don't know how much they weigh, but a bunch, and I usually take out a garbage bag and make several trips with it full of shavings, to the shaving barrel in the basement.

Being fluified, I just stood there and looked at it. I'm sure I looked pathetic, because a twenty year old brunette who was passing walked into the yard and said,"here let me help." I thanked her and intended to take one side of the package, but she just hoisted it up and carried it up for me. She got thoroughly blessed.

I'm incredibly embaressed not to be able to do my own work, and to look like I need help, but I guess these two lovely ladies got to do their good deeds for the day and I really appreciate it.

Sometimes I despair of the future, during loud multiple house parties in the street, or when the drivers with phones on their ears do really unsafe driving, but then there are days when I'm sure kindness is indicative of a great future!

May you find kindness when you need it.

Monday, November 17, 2008


Interesting video:

Today at the grocery checkout, I talked to my university French teacher. I reminded him that in the early '70's he'd told my class that when he was a French soldier in Viet Nam in the early '50's, American military was there too. Today I told him we'd hardly believed him. But then I married Mr. P, who was in the American military, in street clothes, in Viet Nam in the early '50's.

My teacher is a dapper little Frenchman who said "I shall give you a kiss," suavely moved into my space, and enchanted my cheek.

Interestingly, my Health students at Osaka Women's College, about 1990, told me some stories about the American military in Okinawa that I could hardly credit.It concerned a '60's protest outside the fence, and the school girls who tried to climb over the fence. They were repelled by foam from a firetruck. My students told me the protesters were sprayed with garbage and I said I was sure it had only been the usual crash foam.

My students kept saying it was just a protest and couldn't see that coming over the fence in to the base made it something else.

As it happens, it was Mr. P himself who, with the base commander sitting in the firetruck with him, foamed the protesters. It was indeed the crash foam used all the time. However. it was an old type that did indeed smell like garbage.

When Mr. P was there, no one got through the fence. After he shipped out, the next guys were too slow and Japanese men went into the base school and beat up kindergartners! The base commander turned loose a thousand marines just back from Nam, who became enraged at the site of little American kids being hurt. They obeyed orders though, and no one died.

While I was in Japan, I heard about the kindergartners having been attacked, and was outraged that it hadn't made a splash in American news at the time.(1970?)

Just to be fair, all the Japanese I met loved their children, so I can't imagine the ones I knew beating up American kids.

Please God, bless the children and keep them safe. May they truly know YOU.

Back to Osaka Women's College . I taught there during Gulf I. There was a huge tv screen in a wide hall where we'd stop to watch a little CNN. I stood in Osaka and watched a scud missile going toward Jerusalem. The teacher next to me said."Pray for the peace of Jerusalem."
I said "eh?" because I didn't yet know that verse from Psalms.

Now I pray everyday for the peace of Jerusalem and prosperity in her houses.

May you too be peaceful and prosperous.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The P and P Etsy Shops Are Open

but not shipping for a few days. Sorry for the inconvenience. We'll be back to full service in a few days.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

El Shaddai (again,still...)

I was on Yahoo!Answers again for awhile. I labor under the delusion I can teach someone something.

Of course, I've learned a thing or two there, so maybe I can teach there too.

Tonight's gasp was that so few, perhaps not anyone else, knew that the God of the Bible has many Names.

If you want to read about them, with Biblical references, try

My favorite for years now has been El Shaddai, which means strengthener and satisfier of His people.

May you be spiritually satisfied.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Congratulations, President Obama!

* Daniel 2:21 — “It is He [the God of heaven]…who removes kings and establishes kings.”

* Job 42:2 — “I know that You [the God of Israel] can do all things, and that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted.”

Congratulations, Mr. President

The election has not yet been decided, though we may have a pretty good idea who's winning.

In either case, I will support him.

* Daniel 2:21 — “It is He [the God of heaven]…who removes kings and establishes kings.”

* Job 42:2 — “I know that You [the God of Israel] can do all things, and that no purpose of Yours can be thwarted.”

Some members of CAST (Christian Artists Street Team) and others on Etsy have decided to honor the new President with a Free Shipping in the USA sale through Friday.You'll find them here

Our homemades and supplies shops will give free shipping in the USA and only $3 shipping to Canada (just'cause they're good friends). Sorry, not free for pandpvintage.

Happy Election!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Beauty and Patti Panda

Autumn at the National Arboretum in Westonbirt, Gloucestershire, UK

The above are blatantly stolen images. I am absolutely in love with

the colors of the trees.

Some people, including me for awhile, have trouble spelling pandphomemades, and so I got a nickname.

I hope you're enjoying your colors.

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Good Evening

Aside from all the things that make life good, like the gifts of the Father in a home, a loving husband, and salvation, I have hope today even for the etsy shop. Another of Mr. P's toy sets sold, this one to Prince Edward Island in Canada.

This sale is the farthest north and east that we've made. Well, the Earth is round, so maybe Japan and Australia are more north and more east, if you just go far enough.

In any case, we're pretty happy.

I've read on knitting blogs of projects being started several times, then ripped out to be started over. So, I know I'm not alone. I started the TB project four times. Of course, I didn't have much of a pattern to base it on. I also kept learning more about tuberculosis.

My cap knitting, and sometimes my mitten knitting, is also done freely, though not as beautiful as those items called"freeform." So, that cap I'm enjoying in the elegant color cutely named Tickle is now in its third life. The first one was too big, the second too small, and like baby bear's bed, this one is just right.

The major problem was that I forgot that I like to knit bulky yarn on size 13 needles, and started the first two times on 10's. Maybe I'd better keep notes.

The rabbit mittens, of course, will have a paper pattern. I've already sketched one to measure, and the next step is to arrange the sewing room, ah, I mean, studio, to take the onslaught of rabbit fur that accompanies the cutting. Fur everywhere! In the end, it involves a damp cloth.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Changes and Beginnings

I'm somewhat in mourning over the breakup of a great Christian support group in which I participated. It's not really clear to me why it has pretty much dissolved, though I know harsh words were said.

Joel Rosenberg said in his blog last week, speaking of the financial crisis and other happenings, that perhaps Father is allowing this to happen so that we will put our trust in nothing but a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Maybe this group's dissolving is part of the picture.

I guess relying on any group of people, perhaps instead of relying on Christ, will disappoint. I love my sisters, and we were so supportive, in prayer, business advice, and scripture. I hope to keep in contact with several of them.

It's kind of like getting kicked out of the nest. This has happened to me in a similar way before, though it was much more traumatic then. Then, I lost my faith because people were not doing the best they could.

I pray I will pass the test this time, and feel that with Father's help, I will.

In business news, a pair of made to order rabbit mittens sold today. I will do the best I can.

I started knitting a cap, part of a set with mittens. The yarn is ModaDea Swerve, 50% wool, in a color called TICKLE. It's a cute name, but I find the yarn elegant. It has lovely, rich Fall colors and I enjoy the umber, purple and green. They surprise me, as their turn comes in the yarn, with their richness.

May your life be truly rich.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


especially to all of you who commented on my, now deleted, post. I was whiney. I'm going to blame it on the change in my HRT prescription.

The comments were actually worth saving. I wish I had.

In the midst of our troubles, we know Who is in control. I do want to go forward to Him.

Spot the Rabbit says he's content with a few pellets of food, some water, and a clean home.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Support Bacteria

It's the only culture some people have.

Not You, of course. You're nice.
This lady is having a contest for handmade items, to be voted upon by blog readers. Entries are due by Nov 1.

She has a shop on ecrater, as well as her own web site. This must be researched further. Uh, after knitted caps and mittens, TB, and other semi-commitments.

Please Lord, just one more hour.(Of course He has a sense of Humor!)

More Histology

I've become very interested in the arterioles, venules, and nerves serving the hand and foot. There is an embarrassment of information just on the internet.

Back when I studied histology, the internet, as far as I knew, consisted of Medline and Biosomething. The librarians could get a list of citations from them and if the local library didn't have the journal, get a copy by mail from a nearby medical school.

We relied on our textbooks for the basic stuff. Things have changed.

Artery, vein, nerve, elastin stain

Above is my currently favorite illustration.

Or maybe this one is.

Then, there is this one.

Which one makes you feel all pink and healthy?

May you be in the pink.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stabilizer and Iron On Patches

I've had problems in my hand embroidery projects, with the fabric stretching. Usually I can wet it thoroughly and block it and it straightens out. But not always.

So I decided to try the machine embroidery technique of ironing on a thin stabilizer. It works! I had been afraid the needle would balk at the extra thickness, but it's fine.

I haven't been very happy with my Glorious Cross Christmas ornament because of the stretching. I'll see if it can be fixed with stabilizer. If not, since the embroidered part itself is fine, it might become an iron-on patch.

Embroidered Glorius Cross Christmas Ornament or Wall Decoration

See the stretched fabric? Hmmmm

Free Ball of Yarn Winding

I've always secretly craved a ball winder, but it's low on my list of financial priorities. Through Whipup, the tutorial website, I found the ball winding tutorial.

For some reason I can't get the link to work sigh but if you copy the url and paste it in your address box, it will take you there,

Making yummy yarn cakes with my very own hands mmmmmmm

Friday, October 10, 2008

Use of Time

I know I shouldn't talk about it, but last year I did a lot of charity knitting. This year I've been caught up with the P and P shops.

Dear Knitting Teacher mentioned she was knitting for the students of a school principal we know, who looks out for her cold kids.

So, even though I have the TB commission(last post) I've been doing some knitting for the kids. It feels right. I had however, forgotten how long it takes, at least for me, to knit a hat. The shops are dear to me too. Hmmm

Obviously, a matter of balance.

Did you know there used to be 23 hours in the day? Then a graduate student prayed, Please Lord, just one more hour.

May you be pleased with your day's work.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Above: Acid Fast Mycobacteria in macrophages

I really do have a reason for posting these here, mostly to save them for myself. I'm excited about a commission to embroider TB. What do you think? The red rods above or the yellow rods below?


Mycobacteria can also be stained with auramine and viewed with fluorescence microscopy, in which acid fast bacilli now appear as glowing yellow rods. This method is easier to use to screen for mycobacteria and is the method routinely used in sputum specimens sent to the laboratory.

Edit: ooops,the pretty colored photo on the top is Mycobaterium avium. The one of Mycobacterium tuberculosis that I have found doesn't want to come visit this blog.
The Mtb are fewer in number and shorter than the Ma. It's an altogether less attractive slide.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hello from Israel

Star of David

No, I'm still in Midwestern USA.

Last night I logged in to get live streaming from a Christian radio station in Kiryat Yam, Israel. It's IFBN. The minister, Paul Sherbow, said, as I logged on, "Hello to P____" welcome". I nearly had a heart attack.

It was thrilling.

He was speaking about Yom Kippur as a day to afflict oneself and pray to get right with God, to ask Him to show us our sins of the past year, presumably so we can repent of them.

I wonder if I could stand it. About ten years ago I went through a period of Bondage Breaking, when I asked God to reveal to me my sins so I could repent of them. It's rough.

Fortunately, I have salvation through our Lord, Jesus Christ. However, one of my bitternesses in the past was toward someone who had obviously wronged me and only said,"If I have offended you I apologize," never admitting the specific awfulness, and proclaiming belief in salvation. It didn't seem enough to me.

So, I have to use the same standard on myself. rough.

So why are my words in bold? I'm occasionally baffled by this piece of tech.

Judaically yours

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Further research

has not shown any improvement in the lot of Koreans born in Japan to slaves brought in before 1945.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Yesterday's Post and Continued International Complications

Evidently, my post yesterday was GP, rather than G. The link works from my blog, but when I linked to a Christian forum, the Godtube website said that the video had not yet been approved , and then that it was not available. OK, nobody under 13 has my permission to watch a couple of crippled dancers.

I've been having a very interesting anonymous email conversation with a Japanese man who evidently considers the great grandchildren, born in Japan, of Koreans, brought as slaves to Japan before 1945, to be Korean nationals. That means they can't vote in Japan and can't get a Japanese passport. It's my understanding that they can't get Korean passports either, so they cannot travel outside Japan.

Since he's so adament, I'm researching further. However, I strongly suspect him to be a Nationalist Jr. High School English teacher. They have a philosophy similar to the KKK and other white extremists in America, and openly admire Adolph Hitler. God save us from all such.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Christmas items

Haven't posted for nearly a week because I've been creative, taken us to several doctors(oh the joy of middle age!) and really interested in Yahoo!Answers.

I've about decided to let Y!A go. It's nice to meet some intelligent people there, but one is also troubled by the ignorant and rude.

I'm working on a couple of products, simultaneously, in the sewing room, ah the studio. So nothing there is finished.

I did post one thing today in the etsy shop. I had already posted a picture here, but have changed my mind several times since then about how to ultimately present it. It turned out to be a Christmas ornament or a wall hanging,

The Glorious Cross, in vaguely rainbow colors

Then another bit of hyperbolic space, a pseudosphere, in traditional Christmas colors.

Then one in magenta

I hope to find other engineers. like the one to whom I sold a set of these, or math teachers, or simple geeks(that's a nice word now.)

Molly, our most prolific doe in the past, had bunnies today. About a year ago she had litters of 12 and 13. She actually missed a couple of opportunities two and three months ago. When last I checked, there were only four babies, but she could still be producing, as I write. Anyway, all this has made me wonder if she knows the joys of middle age too.

Edit: Yep, just four, but they're BIG and had fur within 24 hours.

Yours for creativity and productivity.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Mostly Good Day

The Christian forum really restored me yesterday. Among many other reasons, here is a video that moved me deeply.

This video reminded me of a small thing. When Nephew was three, Uncle died after struggling to breathe with emphysema. I told Nephew, "Uncle got tired and took his body off to go rest."

I carried in laundry from the back yard about 6 pm and cat evidently went out then. Since she's been sleeping a lot recently in different hidey holes, I didn't miss her until about 11 pm. She was an indoor/outdoor kitten, but I've kept her inside for seven years or so. When I finally opened the door and called, she rushed in, telling me all about her great adventure, She was a little cold, and after she had eaten, we settled in for a happy purr fest. AHHH

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rude Awakening

I've been living in a fairly small town for several years, and while we've had our share of encounters with shady figures here, I've lost my general wariness of humankind that I had developed in big cities. Also, not working 0ut of the home, I've been fairly well protected from wider society with all its various forms of deceit.

In the last two days I have encountered two deceitful characters on the internet and for some reason it has affected me deeply. We have known people who got stung by deceit on singles sites, but I didn't go there, and somehow felt safe.

I have been fairly often participating in a Christian forum. We have been very open with each other, and I trust those women.

I want to keep this blog rated G, but the next paragraphs might be GP.

On Sunday someone briefly visited the forum, purporting to be a Christian woman. However, the id included a word that, from my big city days, I knew to be a code word for illicit behavior, even illegal behavior. I went to her web site,from there to her blog, and from there to her profile. There, gender was stated "Male."

I have compassion on the physically ambiguous, who must choose a gender identity. I have compassion on those who society won't let be themselves. Not all guys are sportsmen. Not all girls frilly. From there, our current society forces questions of gender identity. In college, I had friends who struggled very hard with this.

Later, I had Christian friends who, knowing their gender identity, struggled for celibacy. I salute them. Sure of my own gender, I too struggled with celibacy. God helped us.

That said, I felt somehow cheated that the person on the Christian forum would present herself as a woman, then leave a backtrail as a male. I do not know that person's story. I just feel I have been deceived. She doesn't have to present her story to the public view, but I'd feel better if she were consistent, and chose an id without the illicit codeword.

That one, however, did not trouble me as much as as an encounter on Mon evening on Yahoo!Answers. I've been feeling very pleased with myself, using my knowledge in music, biology, and the Bible to answer questions there. The Religion and Spirituality category had recently attracted me. It's obviously a battleground in the great spiritual warfare that's going on.

There are several who answer there who are better equipped than I, and who compassionately, calmly quote chapter and verse. I like to go through the list of answers and click my approval on the ones I like.

Last night we got a question from one who appeared to be a young Christian with a crippled sister. He even blessed us in the Holy Name. Many compassionate answers were given. Then one person cast doubt on the young man's authenticity. I checked his list of previous answers.
He had responded previously as an atheist and used *** language.

There again, perhaps he is really searching, was mad at God for his family's problem, then had a change of heart and meekly asked our opinion. Experience in the wider world makes me doubt it. It really freaked me out and I almost decided to stay off the internet.

This morning, however, I've recovered some of my trust of people.

God bless us, everyone.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Urban Victorian

A wonderful new category was discussed today in a cast forum. A beautiful cowl was described a urban Victorian.

Is this mask urban Victorian? It's in

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Auction for Carol

I want to just leave you the link without comment, but you should be forewarned. It's not a pretty story.

Ok, this is mostly politics

I was despairing of the pseudospheres ever selling. They did. Mr. P says he's amazed. I'm more and more of the opinion that my interests and humor are simply not those of the average bear.

Now, to politics. I've been Dem, I've been Rep. I just realized last night that I have decided on a candidate for what are possibly superficial reasons. Then I defend my decision, mostly to myself, though sometimes a little with Mr. P. He tries to stay aloof from it all, to protect his b.p. Though I try to read a lot about the issues, I may indeed be a one or few issue(s) voter. That's a terrible thing for me to recognize, but it's part of being a quick decider.

I think that a whole lot of us just seize on one candidate for personal reasons, of which we may not even be aware. Then we find reasons to support our decision.

I think the reality is that candidates say whatever it takes to get elected, then become aware of what's best for the nation. There's evidence W didn't change his mind when he should have, saying something like, I don't negotiate with myself.

At the time that Reagan was elected, I happened to be Dem. Some friends and I were convinced that he was going to throw the entire world into war. I think it was on his inauguration day that I had an intuitive insight, or thought from God, which calmed me down. "It will be all right. He's played this role before."

Tangentially, I heard one pastor say that while he didn't think it was his place to discuss politics from the pulpit, he didn't see how anyone could believe in the principles of the Kingdom of God and not be a Democrat. And of course, a little while later I heard exactly the opposite from a different pastor, who was Republican. They used, as much as I can remember, exactly the same words.

Friday, September 12, 2008


We're happy bears at our house today because last night's scare about Venezuela was needless. The buyer is in the USA.

However, it did alert me to legalities. As it turns out, the kind of things I sell are easily exported to Australia, Canada and Japan. Even the UK seems to require import licenses for the buyer, unless it's used(ah, vintage) clothing.

So, we have a somewhat international business.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Customs Fees and Duties

I finally found the import/export regulations I've been worried about. USPS .com has the rules for each country. They are really hard to find, because they seem to be accessible only from the "Customs Forms" page and then you must scroll down to find the link to "Prohibitions and Restrictions."

The consequences for breaking the law are considerable.

You know how excited I get when I have an international sale. I may rethink my policies. I've already edited shop policies to say that buyers are responsible for duties and knowing the laws of their own countries for import. That disclaimer probably isn't enough.

There was a very strange order tonight. The etsy order and the paypal invoice gave an American address, but etsy said it was in Venezuela. Perhaps the buyer is currently in Venezuela but wants the item shipped to the US address. In that case, no laws are being violated. I await clarification.

Americans in Venezuela might want to repatriate. Chavez is kicking out the American ambassador.

Obviously, we're not anywhere near a global economy.