Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Country

is troubled.

God bless us, every one.

Just in case the Lord tarries, I'm moving forward with my etsy shops. I think that sales are increasing from last month. Good

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


My recipe for this changes, but this today's and I like it.

2/3 c orange juice
2/3 c lemon juice
1/3 c. lime juice

Put in 2 qt or 2 l pitcher

Add 12 packets blue sweetener or some syrup:

1 c sugar in 1 c water, heated until dissolved
1/2 c honey dissolved in 1 c hot water

stir, fill with water and ice,stir


Thursday, June 4, 2009

P and P Tea Corner

P and P Tea Corner on Etsy (see link at right) is now up and running, offering teas and teacups.!

More later.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fiction and The Real Future

Mr. P likes books by Dale Brown. When I run out of Grace Livingston Hill, or feel the need for a little vicarious adventure, I listen to Mr. P's books. Right now I'm listening to Strike Force by D. B. Makes me think about the future of war in this world. I especially do the thinking during the firefight scenes, while I basically go deaf. When I try reading Sean Dillon books by Jack Higgins, as I tell Mr. P, my eyes cross after the 3rd grenade.

All of which makes me think about the world's future. I had always assumed that the LORD Jesus Christ will return for His people before the nuclear war, until I took a class at UMKC (87?) from Dr. Michelle Stern. It was Radiation Biology for High School Science Teachers. I learned a little about tactical nuclear weapons, as well as seeing photos af the aftermath at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Later I went to the museum in Hiroshima and saw the drawings on display there taken from the same photos. How polite. The photos were much worse.

Then I stopped thinking about The Future. Then I married Mr. P, who thinks about it a lot. I wanted to pray, "Come quickly, Lord Jesus," but I enjoy my life so very much. I believe with all my heart that the next phase will be even better, but I don't much want this phase to end. Of course there are problems, aches, and pains, but I like the thing when taken in its entirety.

Well, this D.B. book and the news from N. Korea remind me of that class from Dr. Stern. So I suddenly thought, what if God let this go on with "little" nuclear wars or even tactical nuclear weapons(ya know, the ones you carry around like a bazooka or the like). Of course, a bullet in the...wherever, is not pleasant either. However, I feel pretty safe here in the middle of America, with few if any gun battles in this small place. (No famous abortion clinics here!)

So, if the alternative is nuclear war outside ground zero, which would be a quick way to die, then I find myself most heartily praying, "Come quickly, Lord Jesus."

Installing the A C

BTW, friend called. We remember good times and agree to disagree.

Before I was married, whenever Sister or I had an a.c. to install, she would talk about getting some man to do it. I would say,"OH here, let me." and with a little help lifting, would do it. Well, Mr. P has installed a.c.'s three times in the last 12 years, but recently admitted he has a hard time doing hardware things now that he's blinder. I don't"help" well, either in standing around and waiting for him to need me with hardware, or in standing around a kitchen and waiting to be told what to beat or chop. It leads me in both cases to fantasies of beating and chopping. (Not, just kidding)

So, the last time an a.c. came into our home, I did it alone, but got overheated and all upset, and insisted on going out to dinner(Mr.P much, much prefers home cooking.) I think I increased my tranq too.

SO, since another a.c. has entered the house in a box, I've banished Mr. P to his reading room, turned on three fans in the room involved, and increased both the tranq and oral diabetes med. I'm doing it very slowly, a screw at a time, taking breaks to go on etsy forums and write a blog entry.

I'll let you know how it turns out.

Later: It cools just fine. You'd never know it's 87 F outside. Of course, I used a LOT of duct tape, but that's what it's for, isn't it?

The restaurant meal was delicious.