Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I have so much to thank God for, but I just happened to think of an unusual one this am.

When I taught in Japan, as I walked from the train station to my teaching assignment, I would hear the washing water draining into the ditches beside the road, and listen to a bird or two, either in cages, or in the rare tree. I would often think, "How nice it would be to have nothing to do but housework, and to be able to enjoy the birds as I did it.

Well, since the dryer went out and I decided to use our money elsewhere, I've been hanging out laundry. As I did so this morning, the birds in nearby trees were quite vocal. Such enjoyment I had. Then I realized that my heart's desire (including Mr. P) had been given to me.

So many more blessings too, especially salvation through my Savior, Jesus Anointed.

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