Friday, October 10, 2008

Use of Time

I know I shouldn't talk about it, but last year I did a lot of charity knitting. This year I've been caught up with the P and P shops.

Dear Knitting Teacher mentioned she was knitting for the students of a school principal we know, who looks out for her cold kids.

So, even though I have the TB commission(last post) I've been doing some knitting for the kids. It feels right. I had however, forgotten how long it takes, at least for me, to knit a hat. The shops are dear to me too. Hmmm

Obviously, a matter of balance.

Did you know there used to be 23 hours in the day? Then a graduate student prayed, Please Lord, just one more hour.

May you be pleased with your day's work.

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Suse said...

Thank you for translating my pyjamas!