Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We Must Remeber

So, three years ago some strange people in PA. named their son Adolph Hitler______. Some stores have declined to make a cake spelling out his name. A swastika was also requested, at least one year.

Walmart did a cake with the poor kid's name. What a shame.

The parents sound reasonable, but WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!?

A few years ago I had my last name legally changed from my father's to a combination of the first names of my mother and grandmother.(don't ask) [now I'm happily Mrs. P]

I think it cost $40. I hope that little Adolph spends the money, as soon as he's old enough.

We must remember.

I'm glad the US Sec. of State (I thought Dr. Rice would make a great POTUS, but that's all over.) and the Pentagon are yawning over the Russian ship that went through the Panama Canal and is going to Cuba. We don't need to escalate the rhetoric. I do find it worrisome, though.

We must remember.

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