Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Is Baghdad Bob in Georgia?

According to an Associated Press news report Russia says it's withdrawing from Georgia, while moving some forces deeper into Georgia.

Isn't this vaguely reminiscent of Baghdad Bob declaring something like "The Americans are not here." ???


Now I'm not naive enough to think all news sources are totally accurate (a newspaper employee once told me that some people have the power to kill a story). However, it's obvious to me that there have been Americans in Baghdad for several years. I know some who have been there.

Is this the same kind of outrageous lie?

Did you know that there are Kansas National Guard in Armenia? I googled"American military in Armenia", skipped the 1920 report, and found some interesting denials and confirmations. I don't necessarily think that every American military move should be published, but can't people stop lying? Just be "wise as a serpent."

Regrettably, I keep seeing two sides to the secrecy question, but my major reaction now is laughter.

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