Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Love Song

Falling in love with the Book, fifty years after first opening it with awe, turning to John, and reading about the Word.

Falling in love with the Word
Somewhen perhaps falling at His feet and
touching the scars.
Walking with Jesus and holding His hand is the dream
But after all He IS the Lion of Judah.

Walking with Him,
feeling like a child being praised,
Being close to him is the best reward.
Not deserving a reward,
having failed at most everything,
Surely his mercy allowing closeness to Him once.
There is hope of being with him,
the church being His bride.
Surely the love described in the Song applying.
Having been forgiven a lot,
Loving Him more and more.
God, Creator, Savior, Lawyer, Satisfier, Sovereign King, Focus of devotion

Loving You more and more.

No more rants

I'm a little ashamed of my previous political rants. We've stopped listening to the programs that get us over emotional. The voting booth expresses our voice.