Saturday, December 6, 2008

Creative fit

Today I've been joyously coming up with new ideas.

Posted embroidery on etsy celebrating marriage.

Apologies to the singles, but Paul was actually talking about the Church and Christ. So we're all preparing for the wedding feast. Ephesians 5:31, 32.

I also broke down and purchased some more embroidery floss. I'm running out of my favorite colors!

Some etsy shops are doing very well right now. I've resigned myself to having no more sales until the economy improves. May I be surprised.

I don't think I've mentioned the circular shawl I'm knitting. Elizabeth Zimmerman , the Opinionated Knitter called it the Pi Shawl, I think, because of the interesting and helpful math involved.

I got the wool and needles last January, ( gift certificate from Mr. P for local yarn shop) and tried casting on in the circular way with those Big Plastic Slippery needles, using cotton yarn to practice. Difficult

Then it finally dawned on me that the wool is more grabby than cotton. So I recently jumped right in and tried it. Yep, the grabby wool made it possible. I think I'm in the third increase, for those of you who revere E.Z.

I'd post a pic, but at the moment it looks like a cocoon because the outer edge is, of course, on the circular needles. That probably would interest those who study topography, or possible geometry. Isn't the universe fascinating?

May you be fascinated by Good.

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