Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ok, this is mostly politics

I was despairing of the pseudospheres ever selling. They did. Mr. P says he's amazed. I'm more and more of the opinion that my interests and humor are simply not those of the average bear.

Now, to politics. I've been Dem, I've been Rep. I just realized last night that I have decided on a candidate for what are possibly superficial reasons. Then I defend my decision, mostly to myself, though sometimes a little with Mr. P. He tries to stay aloof from it all, to protect his b.p. Though I try to read a lot about the issues, I may indeed be a one or few issue(s) voter. That's a terrible thing for me to recognize, but it's part of being a quick decider.

I think that a whole lot of us just seize on one candidate for personal reasons, of which we may not even be aware. Then we find reasons to support our decision.

I think the reality is that candidates say whatever it takes to get elected, then become aware of what's best for the nation. There's evidence W didn't change his mind when he should have, saying something like, I don't negotiate with myself.

At the time that Reagan was elected, I happened to be Dem. Some friends and I were convinced that he was going to throw the entire world into war. I think it was on his inauguration day that I had an intuitive insight, or thought from God, which calmed me down. "It will be all right. He's played this role before."

Tangentially, I heard one pastor say that while he didn't think it was his place to discuss politics from the pulpit, he didn't see how anyone could believe in the principles of the Kingdom of God and not be a Democrat. And of course, a little while later I heard exactly the opposite from a different pastor, who was Republican. They used, as much as I can remember, exactly the same words.

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