Friday, June 27, 2008

Stand By Me video

Sometimes I forget how the song goes, so I want to show a video of some guys in Indiana singing "Stand By Me" here. The guys are a little slow starting, but its worth the wait

The words, substituting "Jesus" for "darlin'", are in the June 12 post.

The Hyperbolic Plane Neck Ruff

Mr. P is a wonderful husband.

He's been listening to me go on about hyperbolic space for awhile now. When I told him the hyperbolic plane, at its current stage, might do for a neck ruff (I'm thinking costume or a way for a math instructor to wake up students) he agreed to model it. I did actually tell him that if I used the photos on etsy I'd crop them so his face didn't show.

However, I'm using them here because he's so obviously patient in his pain of being seen on the front porch wearing a ruff. Isn't he wonderful?

Indeed the LYS had more Peaches&Cream cotton in Sunburst. Lorene has been so helpful. You can find her at

The Yarn Basket
703 N Broadway in the Hotel Stillwell
Pittsburg, KS 66762


Lorene VanBuren
"Knit fluent, some Crochet spoken"

Origami T-Shirt

Below is the link to a couple of very short videos showing a novel way to fold a t-shirt (you know, after laundry). I highly recommend watching the Japanese woman. She gets high points for style. I learned how to do it from the guy in the second video, who is much slower.

How to fold a t-shirt videos

And the Winners Are...

Six of the book prizes have been mailed. The seventh, Lori, may have sent her address that got lost in Spam,where other such messages went. Lori, try again.

The winners:

Kelley Pounds

Mandi Morgan

Pam Plumbley

Rachel Reeves

Rachel Debty



Thank you all for posting.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New items in shop

I've added several items to the etsy shop. We seem to be expanding our products to include supplies and vintage items.

Found this vintage red hat today. The Red Hat Society ladies wear such with a purple dress. Quite elegant.

Then there's another wonderful Christmas origami book, in English. Three year olds in Japan do this. I hate to admit it, but the ten year olds in America I know have trouble with it. Of course my Nephew was quite good at it quite young. I'd send him folded samples from Japan, and he'd unfold it and then make his own like it. Such dextrous talent.

Found the orange cotton I needed to continue with the hyperbolic plane. We'll see, but I think it might make a great mathematical neck wrap. It would look good on kids who wear black.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

After the Rains and This and That

I really didn't know that Kansas had a rainy season. Actually, we had it so much easier than those by big rivers. God bless those people.

My flowers are bedraggled.

I was happily crocheting away on my hyperbolic plane when I realized I had vastly underestimated the amount of orange cotton I need. I hope the LYS still has some.

I used to sit around and make fabric yoyos. I have a bunch to either sell as they are, or make things. It amazes me how cheaply they are offered.

I'm far behind where I thought I would be on filling my Etsy shop. However I'm determined not to let it take over my life. Sometimes in the past when I've been involved in making money, I've had the attitude that if it didn't make me money, it wasn't worth my time. Isn't that disgusting?

To repent is to "turn again", to be in the same situation as before and make a different choice.

Dear Knitting Teacher fell down the steps at church and cracked and bruised, etc. How dismal this should happen to her. She is so full of love and optimism. God bless her.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Spot the Rabbit and Pseudospheres

Spot came from the Feed Store. I had help choosing a boy rabbit. (lol) Our herd is supposedly New Zealand Whites, but we think there's some dwarfism mixed in. Dwarves are perfectly fine people, but not so good for our purpose in raising rabbits.

Our other rabbits are all white, but Spot is mixed, and we hope he'll add size and strength to the herd. Isn't he cute?

I added some models of hyperbolic space to the Esty shop

See photos above.
They were a lot of fun to make. There are three different red pseudospheres, in the one set. (Enough to pass around a math class) They will also make dandy Christmas decorations.

I'm also working on an orange model of a hyperbolic plane. It would look good with Autumn decor, I think.

Other new stuff in the shop, too.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mr. P

Some of you were aware that Mr. P had a medical procedure yesterday. Thank you for your prayers.

It was indeed painful but I distracted him by talking about rabbits. He's feeling better today.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Living (Green) Efficiently (edited)

This is a post about clothes and acquisitiveness. If it gets around, I'll probably never be given a gift of clothing ever again.

I've sewn for years, supposing it was more efficient than buying clothes in a store. Life itself isn't very efficient and everything is tending toward collapse anyway(Second Law of Thermodynamics) but I figure we ought to fight the good fight.

Then too, handmade clothes FIT me, and don't encourage slave labor.

I'm not sure about the efficiency of handmade. I've recently read that, though it's counterintuitive, keeping your old vehicle, even if it's a gas hog, leaves less of a carbon footprint than buying a new car. It "costs" so much ecologically to make a new vehicle.
It could be that the fabric I buy was made by slave labor. Growing and spinning my own fiber, and then making fabric, seems so time consuming that I won't even start. I have great respect for those who do.

I'm reading a novel set in Japan, so I'm on overtime reminiscing about my years there. The Japanese women with whom I taught and worked seemed to have only one or two work outfits.
In teacher training in America, I'd been told to keep the wardrobe as large as possible, to keep things interesting. Evidently, in Japan teachers can be interesting without having lots of clothes.
Of course, as an American, I got the idea that part of MY job description there was to look as glamorous as possible. It's the American mystique. (I got so tired of it that when I repatriated, I stopped wearing makeup and jewelry.)

So, how many clothes does one person need? I'd always thought that five to seven outfits was about right, so I only had to do laundry once a week or so. What's the norm? (Of course, kids need a lot more, since they get dirty.)

Mrs. X works in a store that we frequent, and she came up one day and said that she and her husband had outgrown some clothes she thought would fit us. Would we take them? Sure.
She gave us three BIG bags. They do indeed just fit us, and look never worn. It was like Christmas, almost, and we're grateful.

We didn't have enough hangers in the house. How many clothes do we need?

I don't think income really needs to be a factor. I've known a couple or three people who are really rich, and they seem to have even fewer clothes than I.

People do need BEAUTY in their lives, and sometimes that's purchased as clothing or jewelry.

Sometimes I think I must be weirdly conservative. Maybe it comes from living in the Midwest, where memories of the '30s Dustbowl have not really died. It certainly seems to me that the attitudes of people who lived through the '30s are very similar to "living green".

Use it up.
Wear it out.
Make it do
Or do without.

I like the upcycling done in many Etsy shops.

If you're feeling poor, check out the people served by Warm Woolies,

or GFA,

and remember that while life on earth may seem expensive, it includes a free trip around the Sun every year.

Comments welcomed.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Photos of WW Prizes


The seven winners of the Grace Livingston Hill book giveaway have been contacted by email or etsy convo, and I await their permission to post their names.

The Warm Woolies contest continues. Check the ww site for details.

I just received my Warm Woolies prize. I hesitate to post the details for fear someone will be jealous. But we're all mature, aren't we?

50 Baby Booties to Knit by Zoe Mellor

Two-Stitch Knits by Jane Crowfoot

Sock Yarn:
100 g Wildfoote Geranium by Brown Sheep Co

200 g Regia in two different colors, whose names I cannot read

100g Socka Color(?) If the band lists the color, it's in a language I don't read.

I'm pleased.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stand By Me, Jesus

Stand By Me
King ben e.

When the night has come
And the land is dark
And the moon is the only light we'll see
No, I won't be afraid
No, I won't be afraid
Just as long as you stand
Stand by me

So darling, darling, (sing:Jesus, Jesus)
Stand by me,
Oh, stand by me
Oh, stand,
Stand by me
Stand by me

If the sky that we look upon
Should tumble and fall
Or the mountains should crumble in the sea
I won't cry, I won't cry,
No, I won't shed a tear
Just as long as you stand
Stand by me

Laughing Jesus :)

See video with the standard words in June 27 post.

I heard this song in the grocery today, and remembered the comfort of standing by someone, and of being stood by. I like lovesongs about Jesus, so I replaced "darling" with "Jesus".

Leave a comment and be entered in the Grace Livingston Hill book giveaway.(They are early 20th century Christian romance.) The giveaway ends midnight June 14th!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mad Scientists of Etsy

I'm a member of both Christian Artists Street Team (CAST) and the Mad Scientists of Etsy team. (MSOE) I'm just getting acquainted with the latter and they all seem so very talented,both scientifically and artistically.

Subsequently, I found a very interesting blog of scientists' tattoos at

Some of these are fascinating. Then there are others.

I particularly liked the serotonin molecule(the natural high).

If you tattooed an equation or formula you needed for an academic test, would you have to cover it with a bandaid for the test?

When I started brainstorming about an ETSY shop, I jotted an idea about embroidering the Krebs cycle.(The basic way we get energy). Recently,I looked around the web to see how others have depicted it.

Wow! Thirty years ago we got black and white handouts. Now they have animated colorful cartoons. It's like Science as Art has BEEN DONE.

This video of an abbreviated Krebs Cycle tickles me silly.

Frog Pond

Whitney always looks at me strangely when I frog something.

I liked the photo of the many-colors WIP seen below, but the reality wasn't so good. Rip it, rip it, rip it

I went back to my original idea to explore the use of orange and blue.

The many colors idea will surface again in another form.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Rabbit Ranching, Never Boring

We raise rabbits. We have five does and a few months ago we decided our buck, Harvey, needed another buck to share duties. (Genetic reasons) So we picked out a boy and named him Fillmore. So Fillmore grew up and it was time for courtship, etc. We put first one, then another doe in his cage and he just wasn't interested.

I mentioned to Mr. P, an experienced rabbit rancher, that Fillmore had a really big ruff. That's a kind of double chin that girl rabbits have. Since Mr. P is now blind, I'm the one who decides if the bunnies are boys or girls. Yep, you're right.

We put Fillmore in with Harvey and the courtship dance ensued. Fillmore is now named Mora and we expect bunnies in a month or so.

I'm so embaressed. It's not like I haven't been around a lot of mammals in biology labs.

(See July 8 post for the rest of the story.)

Good Reads

I recently read CHAINS AROUND THE GRASS by Naomi Ragen. I've read a couple of her other books and have been pleased with her powerful women. In this one, I was really pleased with a girl's GOD AWARENESS EXPERIENCE. He really does reveal Himself to everyone.

I'm adding a link to Gerald Schroeder's site, to an article on existence. He discusses the fact that God is revealed in nature. His book THE SCIENCE OF GOD is also a good read. However, he and the Reasons to Believe experts disagree, to a few billion years,on the age of the universe. (Both Schroeder and RTB are old earth scientists and gently explain why their view is indeed Biblical.)

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Monday, June 2, 2008

Even more 2008 knitting and Leave Comment for Book Giveaway

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