Thursday, November 20, 2008


I've mentioned before that we live close to the local uni.

On party nights it can be noisy.

That's outweighed, however, by the occasional conversation with a passing student. They're so young and healthy and full of life. It's catching.

A year ago October I was having my first bad bout of painful spurs on a knee and was using a cane to walk down the front steps to the van to bring in groceries. A twenty year old blonde walked into the yard and said,"Shall I carry that in for you?" Then, she seemed embaressed and added, "I do it for my mother." (At least she didn't say "grandmother.") And she carried groceries into the house to the tune of my cheerleading. What a sweetheart.

Then last week, I'd been to the feed store for rabbit food and pine shavings. I should explain, and I do hate to admit it, we've had influenza for FOUR WEEKS! I can hardly believe it myself, but Sister says the virus going around her city is lasting three to four weeks too. Mr. P is game, but he's older by a couple of decades, looks gray, and I've kept him in bed while I do the necessary chores.

So I went out to bring in a sack of feed. We get the store to resack it in 25 lb bags so we can handle it more easily. But the shavings had been propped on top and as soon as I opened the door, it fell out. I don't know how much they weigh, but a bunch, and I usually take out a garbage bag and make several trips with it full of shavings, to the shaving barrel in the basement.

Being fluified, I just stood there and looked at it. I'm sure I looked pathetic, because a twenty year old brunette who was passing walked into the yard and said,"here let me help." I thanked her and intended to take one side of the package, but she just hoisted it up and carried it up for me. She got thoroughly blessed.

I'm incredibly embaressed not to be able to do my own work, and to look like I need help, but I guess these two lovely ladies got to do their good deeds for the day and I really appreciate it.

Sometimes I despair of the future, during loud multiple house parties in the street, or when the drivers with phones on their ears do really unsafe driving, but then there are days when I'm sure kindness is indicative of a great future!

May you find kindness when you need it.

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mattscraftywife said...

Great post on KINDNESS! Spread the love. :)