Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Changes and Beginnings

I'm somewhat in mourning over the breakup of a great Christian support group in which I participated. It's not really clear to me why it has pretty much dissolved, though I know harsh words were said.

Joel Rosenberg said in his blog last week, speaking of the financial crisis and other happenings, that perhaps Father is allowing this to happen so that we will put our trust in nothing but a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Maybe this group's dissolving is part of the picture.

I guess relying on any group of people, perhaps instead of relying on Christ, will disappoint. I love my sisters, and we were so supportive, in prayer, business advice, and scripture. I hope to keep in contact with several of them.

It's kind of like getting kicked out of the nest. This has happened to me in a similar way before, though it was much more traumatic then. Then, I lost my faith because people were not doing the best they could.

I pray I will pass the test this time, and feel that with Father's help, I will.

In business news, a pair of made to order rabbit mittens sold today. I will do the best I can.

I started knitting a cap, part of a set with mittens. The yarn is ModaDea Swerve, 50% wool, in a color called TICKLE. It's a cute name, but I find the yarn elegant. It has lovely, rich Fall colors and I enjoy the umber, purple and green. They surprise me, as their turn comes in the yarn, with their richness.

May your life be truly rich.

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