Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit and a Compliment

Spot and Molly are the parents of 8 bunnies. One is black and the others are pink with black spots. We're happy.

I shouldn't say so myself, but I received a knitting compliment today. It means a lot to me because my things are not selling on Etsy, and I begin to worry that my product is bad. Anyhow, a really accomplished knitter and crocheter, who has won firsts at several different fairs, made the remark that everyone has runs when knitting with dpns. I tossed her a mitten and asked her to look for mine. She pronounced it run-free, and said that only six other people in her experience could knit on dpns without runs. (I think there are a lot more than she's met.)

Forgive me for repeating it. It just meant so much to me.