Thursday, December 11, 2008

ArtFire .com and Unintended Consequences Law

I just started listing our items for sale in a second venue, ArtFire. We shall see. It's a brand new enterprise, but so far sounds cheaper for the seller than etsy. I guess that means I should reduce the prices somewhat.

Remember all the toys from China in 2007 that were toxic? So Congress, quite rightly, passed a law that, beginning Feb 10, 2009, toys for sale in America must undergo independent testing for safety. I hear that costs $4000.

Unfortunately the rag dolls sold at craft fairs and wooden toy cars sold on etsy seem to be included. The legalities are being explored. However, if the wording stands, it seems to mean that small market crafters will be out of business.

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Art Fire said...

Hi there!

First, let me say "Thanks!" for giving a chance. We wish you success and are working diligently to promote and advertise the site!

I hope that the law put in place to prevent toxic toys from China will not apply to handmade toys made in the US! Thanks for bringing this possibility to our attention. This could be a big problem for small crafters. We will investigate this, too...


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