Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Places I go on the web

The President of Mustard Seed Cultural and Environmental Services is Timberlyn Smith, a very good friend with whom I taught labs at UMKC. See link at right.



See links at right for the following sites.

The Sartoralist Sometimes he's just kidding, and, interestingly, he's photographed one person in recent months who wasn't anorexic.

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day. The heavens declare His glory.

Gospel for Asia sends native missionaries all over. Check out the news on that site for heartwarming and heart-wrenching stories of the Christians in Asia. There are prayer requests.
This is what's really happening in the world.

Warm Woolies is a wonderful organization with a great web site. The Founder is a real women who does good things. There's a contest this year.

WQXR is our currently favorite radio station. We listen to it almost 24/7.

I always go first to Knitting Underway. You probably already know her. Who wouldn't love a Navy Doctor who knits? And a newly-wed?

Yarnstorm is such a beautiful blog.(on vacation this summer)

Japonisme also has beautiful photos.

I go to Moonstitches to see photos of the Japan I know and love.

I go to From japan with love to be reminded of what it's like to be a gaijin(foreigner).

Actually, walking around the midwest in the USA, in front of a blind man and a guide dog, is a lot like being gaijin. A lot of people look at you and some percentage are uncomfortable or don't know how to react. Some are intrusively friendly. Happily, most people ignore you.

Guidedogs for the Blind is the best school of its kind. The dogs are very well trained and it's all free for the blind person. They also take international students.

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