Monday, August 25, 2008

Fantasy in Histology 2 and the First Rule of Middle Class American Economics

Above is my embroidered fantasy of a neutrophil, the white blood cell notable for its tri-lobed nucleus, engulfing a bacterium.

I'm sure you are aware of the first rule of middle class economics, even if not by that name. It regards the phenomenon that always occurs when a family saves a few dollars for a worthy project. Like major dental work. Immediately upon obtaining some success, a major appliance breaks.

Happily, in our case today, it's an appliance I can and intend to do without. The clothes dryer died. It was the very first clothes dryer I ever had. Once, when asked if I wanted my house wired for 220, so I could get a dryer, I replied, "Not while the Sun shines."

You don't need to know how it was that I ended up with one seven years ago. Well, our clothes are happily hanging on a rope in the garage today. It's a three walled garage, so even though they are not under the Sunshine, they have a little breeze.

Life is good.

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