Monday, August 11, 2008


I really enjoyed doing my three Fantasies in Microbiology. Pics soon. I just can't find the time(?) to put them in the frames.

So then I started a Fantasy in Histology (study of tissue, for those of you who are far from your Greek and Latin dictionaries.)

All this has been in embroidery. I'm coming to the limits of my floss stash. I have a lot more floss, just not in the colors I want and floss isn't available in this town anymore. So, does one invest in a DMC color chart, to be able to order online? I guess so, if the embroidery will continue.

However, I've been looking at Art in America again, and have become wild about color. I don't think DMC, good as they are, make floss in all the colors I want, and mixing in floss only works if you look from far off. So, maybe I need to think about another medium, one in which I can mix my own colors. Hmmmmm

The fabric above has some of the colors I looked for in my floss stash tonight. I believe the fabric is a silk screen, which explains a lot.

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