Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Christmas items

Haven't posted for nearly a week because I've been creative, taken us to several doctors(oh the joy of middle age!) and really interested in Yahoo!Answers.

I've about decided to let Y!A go. It's nice to meet some intelligent people there, but one is also troubled by the ignorant and rude.

I'm working on a couple of products, simultaneously, in the sewing room, ah the studio. So nothing there is finished.

I did post one thing today in the etsy shop. I had already posted a picture here, but have changed my mind several times since then about how to ultimately present it. It turned out to be a Christmas ornament or a wall hanging,

The Glorious Cross, in vaguely rainbow colors

Then another bit of hyperbolic space, a pseudosphere, in traditional Christmas colors.

Then one in magenta

I hope to find other engineers. like the one to whom I sold a set of these, or math teachers, or simple geeks(that's a nice word now.)

Molly, our most prolific doe in the past, had bunnies today. About a year ago she had litters of 12 and 13. She actually missed a couple of opportunities two and three months ago. When last I checked, there were only four babies, but she could still be producing, as I write. Anyway, all this has made me wonder if she knows the joys of middle age too.

Edit: Yep, just four, but they're BIG and had fur within 24 hours.

Yours for creativity and productivity.

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