Saturday, October 25, 2008

Beauty and Patti Panda

Autumn at the National Arboretum in Westonbirt, Gloucestershire, UK

The above are blatantly stolen images. I am absolutely in love with

the colors of the trees.

Some people, including me for awhile, have trouble spelling pandphomemades, and so I got a nickname.

I hope you're enjoying your colors.

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Good Evening

Aside from all the things that make life good, like the gifts of the Father in a home, a loving husband, and salvation, I have hope today even for the etsy shop. Another of Mr. P's toy sets sold, this one to Prince Edward Island in Canada.

This sale is the farthest north and east that we've made. Well, the Earth is round, so maybe Japan and Australia are more north and more east, if you just go far enough.

In any case, we're pretty happy.

I've read on knitting blogs of projects being started several times, then ripped out to be started over. So, I know I'm not alone. I started the TB project four times. Of course, I didn't have much of a pattern to base it on. I also kept learning more about tuberculosis.

My cap knitting, and sometimes my mitten knitting, is also done freely, though not as beautiful as those items called"freeform." So, that cap I'm enjoying in the elegant color cutely named Tickle is now in its third life. The first one was too big, the second too small, and like baby bear's bed, this one is just right.

The major problem was that I forgot that I like to knit bulky yarn on size 13 needles, and started the first two times on 10's. Maybe I'd better keep notes.

The rabbit mittens, of course, will have a paper pattern. I've already sketched one to measure, and the next step is to arrange the sewing room, ah, I mean, studio, to take the onslaught of rabbit fur that accompanies the cutting. Fur everywhere! In the end, it involves a damp cloth.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Changes and Beginnings

I'm somewhat in mourning over the breakup of a great Christian support group in which I participated. It's not really clear to me why it has pretty much dissolved, though I know harsh words were said.

Joel Rosenberg said in his blog last week, speaking of the financial crisis and other happenings, that perhaps Father is allowing this to happen so that we will put our trust in nothing but a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Maybe this group's dissolving is part of the picture.

I guess relying on any group of people, perhaps instead of relying on Christ, will disappoint. I love my sisters, and we were so supportive, in prayer, business advice, and scripture. I hope to keep in contact with several of them.

It's kind of like getting kicked out of the nest. This has happened to me in a similar way before, though it was much more traumatic then. Then, I lost my faith because people were not doing the best they could.

I pray I will pass the test this time, and feel that with Father's help, I will.

In business news, a pair of made to order rabbit mittens sold today. I will do the best I can.

I started knitting a cap, part of a set with mittens. The yarn is ModaDea Swerve, 50% wool, in a color called TICKLE. It's a cute name, but I find the yarn elegant. It has lovely, rich Fall colors and I enjoy the umber, purple and green. They surprise me, as their turn comes in the yarn, with their richness.

May your life be truly rich.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


especially to all of you who commented on my, now deleted, post. I was whiney. I'm going to blame it on the change in my HRT prescription.

The comments were actually worth saving. I wish I had.

In the midst of our troubles, we know Who is in control. I do want to go forward to Him.

Spot the Rabbit says he's content with a few pellets of food, some water, and a clean home.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Support Bacteria

It's the only culture some people have.

Not You, of course. You're nice.
This lady is having a contest for handmade items, to be voted upon by blog readers. Entries are due by Nov 1.

She has a shop on ecrater, as well as her own web site. This must be researched further. Uh, after knitted caps and mittens, TB, and other semi-commitments.

Please Lord, just one more hour.(Of course He has a sense of Humor!)

More Histology

I've become very interested in the arterioles, venules, and nerves serving the hand and foot. There is an embarrassment of information just on the internet.

Back when I studied histology, the internet, as far as I knew, consisted of Medline and Biosomething. The librarians could get a list of citations from them and if the local library didn't have the journal, get a copy by mail from a nearby medical school.

We relied on our textbooks for the basic stuff. Things have changed.

Artery, vein, nerve, elastin stain

Above is my currently favorite illustration.

Or maybe this one is.

Then, there is this one.

Which one makes you feel all pink and healthy?

May you be in the pink.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stabilizer and Iron On Patches

I've had problems in my hand embroidery projects, with the fabric stretching. Usually I can wet it thoroughly and block it and it straightens out. But not always.

So I decided to try the machine embroidery technique of ironing on a thin stabilizer. It works! I had been afraid the needle would balk at the extra thickness, but it's fine.

I haven't been very happy with my Glorious Cross Christmas ornament because of the stretching. I'll see if it can be fixed with stabilizer. If not, since the embroidered part itself is fine, it might become an iron-on patch.

Embroidered Glorius Cross Christmas Ornament or Wall Decoration

See the stretched fabric? Hmmmm

Free Ball of Yarn Winding

I've always secretly craved a ball winder, but it's low on my list of financial priorities. Through Whipup, the tutorial website, I found the ball winding tutorial.

For some reason I can't get the link to work sigh but if you copy the url and paste it in your address box, it will take you there,

Making yummy yarn cakes with my very own hands mmmmmmm

Friday, October 10, 2008

Use of Time

I know I shouldn't talk about it, but last year I did a lot of charity knitting. This year I've been caught up with the P and P shops.

Dear Knitting Teacher mentioned she was knitting for the students of a school principal we know, who looks out for her cold kids.

So, even though I have the TB commission(last post) I've been doing some knitting for the kids. It feels right. I had however, forgotten how long it takes, at least for me, to knit a hat. The shops are dear to me too. Hmmm

Obviously, a matter of balance.

Did you know there used to be 23 hours in the day? Then a graduate student prayed, Please Lord, just one more hour.

May you be pleased with your day's work.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Above: Acid Fast Mycobacteria in macrophages

I really do have a reason for posting these here, mostly to save them for myself. I'm excited about a commission to embroider TB. What do you think? The red rods above or the yellow rods below?


Mycobacteria can also be stained with auramine and viewed with fluorescence microscopy, in which acid fast bacilli now appear as glowing yellow rods. This method is easier to use to screen for mycobacteria and is the method routinely used in sputum specimens sent to the laboratory.

Edit: ooops,the pretty colored photo on the top is Mycobaterium avium. The one of Mycobacterium tuberculosis that I have found doesn't want to come visit this blog.
The Mtb are fewer in number and shorter than the Ma. It's an altogether less attractive slide.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hello from Israel

Star of David

No, I'm still in Midwestern USA.

Last night I logged in to get live streaming from a Christian radio station in Kiryat Yam, Israel. It's IFBN. The minister, Paul Sherbow, said, as I logged on, "Hello to P____" welcome". I nearly had a heart attack.

It was thrilling.

He was speaking about Yom Kippur as a day to afflict oneself and pray to get right with God, to ask Him to show us our sins of the past year, presumably so we can repent of them.

I wonder if I could stand it. About ten years ago I went through a period of Bondage Breaking, when I asked God to reveal to me my sins so I could repent of them. It's rough.

Fortunately, I have salvation through our Lord, Jesus Christ. However, one of my bitternesses in the past was toward someone who had obviously wronged me and only said,"If I have offended you I apologize," never admitting the specific awfulness, and proclaiming belief in salvation. It didn't seem enough to me.

So, I have to use the same standard on myself. rough.

So why are my words in bold? I'm occasionally baffled by this piece of tech.

Judaically yours

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Further research

has not shown any improvement in the lot of Koreans born in Japan to slaves brought in before 1945.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Yesterday's Post and Continued International Complications

Evidently, my post yesterday was GP, rather than G. The link works from my blog, but when I linked to a Christian forum, the Godtube website said that the video had not yet been approved , and then that it was not available. OK, nobody under 13 has my permission to watch a couple of crippled dancers.

I've been having a very interesting anonymous email conversation with a Japanese man who evidently considers the great grandchildren, born in Japan, of Koreans, brought as slaves to Japan before 1945, to be Korean nationals. That means they can't vote in Japan and can't get a Japanese passport. It's my understanding that they can't get Korean passports either, so they cannot travel outside Japan.

Since he's so adament, I'm researching further. However, I strongly suspect him to be a Nationalist Jr. High School English teacher. They have a philosophy similar to the KKK and other white extremists in America, and openly admire Adolph Hitler. God save us from all such.