Friday, November 28, 2008

Sale and Reflections on the News

Since I seem to be keeping track of my international sales here, I'm happy to say I'll soon be mailing a package to England. It will contain three of my Dancing Shapes Series. This is a great pleasure to me because I enjoyed embroidering them so much.

Well, so, Mumbai. Well. There's another city I won't be visiting in the foreseeable future. Terrorism is working. I'm scared to go a lot of places.

I've always been wary of New York, but now with the crushing death at the Walmart on Long Island, I'm going to be (even more) wary of Walmart.

Seriously, one hears of stampedes in other countries among a couple of religious groups I won't name. So now Christians will be known as fanatic shoppers?

Christmas isn't about presents, and certainly not about bargains.

Be safe.

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