Thursday, August 21, 2008

MORE Runaway Bunnies

I hesitate to publish before the world our bad ranching technique. The fence needed mending. So three of Snowflake's bunnies escaped into the basement. One walked right up to me and said, "Excuse me please, I'd like to go back with Mama now." The other two learned very quickly to hide under the washing machine.

Whitney the Cat, before rabbits, used to like to snoop around the basement. As soon as the rabbits came, she stopped going into the basement at all. I asked her just now if she'd like to become a Bunnie Hunter. She emphatically shook her head NO.


P.S. Caught them with the help of the water hose on MIST. I can herd them with it, to a board leaning up against the basement wall, in a corner. Then I could pick up the runaways! Thank you, Father.

These runaways were especially troubling because they're not eating solid food yet. Leaving out solid food wouldn't have worked. I did see one drinking out of the water dish in the cage. It had to climb up on a wire in the cage wall to be high enough to reach in.

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