Sunday, November 30, 2008

It's Snowing!

The first snow always creates a little excitement, even among the middle aged.

I'm concerned about a few political issues.

I would very much like to fix Social Security, and then keep the SS tax collected to be used solely for SS, and nothing else.

I would like for Israel to keep all the land it currently holds. (Many, a large percentage, of the Palestinians living in the area moved there After 1948)

Iran must be dealt with from a position of strength. It's a lovely idea to be kinder and gentler, but one Must understand the traditions of the society you're working with. I've been educated by an expert in the tradition of negotiation techniques used by Persians. I've also had some good friends who were Persians, and they agreed that a position of strength in negotiations is important.

Anyone who harrasses people for their political views or beliefs, especially when it gets to jostling, terrorizing (making afraid) or interrupting religious service, should be prosecuted for hate crimes. There is no special group of people in the US who have exemption from the law. Remember the blacks jailed in the "60's(well, long history of THAT in the US) for even a peaceful protest? The jail time included beatings and rape, which is deplorable, but they surely weren't treated with the kid gloves now being used by the perpetrators of hate crimes, for example, in CA, after prop 8 passed.

Anyone who beats up people coming out of a bar should be prosecuted too. I met a woman here in the Midwest who had lived in CA. She would go bashing with her SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS. Once she grabbed a hat off a guy they were beating, discovered it was a member of the class, and got immediately converted. She never beat up anybody again. I was disgusted with the initial behavior. That Sunday school class should also have been prosecuted.

I was taught in genetics class that once sperm meets egg, it's a new individual. Yes, through the ages women in difficult positions have committed suicide when they discovered they were pregnant. We have to spend our taxes, not on abortions, but on counseling and care.

I've heard that the preponderance of abortions are by white women. Do you know the vast number of couples in America who ask to adopt a white baby? The unhappy biological mother could be treated like a surrogate mother.

I looked for a photo of terrorism of either side of the prop 8 controversy. It seems that no one calls the newsmen when breaking the law.

Well, there. I don't exactly feel better, but it's good to express my heartfelt position.

God's blessings on you.

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