Monday, May 19, 2008


First I am grateful to my Lord Jesus Christ. The only righteousness I have is His.

I also thank my friend Betty, who, even though a self-styled agnostic, (really?) is a good friend. We taught together in Japan, at Kobe University in Akashi. She encouraged me a lot regarding P and P Homemades. She said that I shouldn't "beat people over the head" with Jesus. Maybe I "beat" her with Jesus? Well, here I am, mentioning Jesus. She suggested I write about my "spiritual journey". I told her that a large part of that journey toward starting this blog was because of a very good friend who, even though an agnostic, kept complimenting my work and creativity. I thank Betty for her encouragement, even though she's an agnostic. (She suggested I make a funny reference to her agnosticism,)

I really appreciate the three major women in my life, Grannie, Mother, and Auntie. They loved me and nurtured me, and among other things, taught me the value of making things at home. Mostly they loved and had integrity. Would that I could be more like them.

More gratitude tomorrow. Also photos of Mr. P, the love of my life, and Whitney, the cat of my life.

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