Monday, September 1, 2008

Remember, There Was an Ice Age

I've always been convinced that mankind has influenced the Earth's recent climate change, because the chemistry works out so well. However, I'm surprised at what is being cited as evidence to support that conclusion.

Ice core is a great way to get historical climate information. But to say that we know now that it's warmer than it was 1,300 years ago makes me want to ask, "And your point is...?"

Forty-five years ago, my family were friends with a couple who taught in Alaska. They had talked with people there, who had had grandparents who walked over frozen ocean in the winters past, to visit relatives in Russia. The people telling the story 45 years ago had never been able to do that.

That was explained to me at that time by the fact that

We're Just Coming Out of an Ice Age,

and have been for 9,000 years or so.

We have certainly fouled our nest, and that may be news to some, and the rapid increase in temperature may be news to some, but the last ice age shouldn't be news.

The photo is from NOAA. It's supposed to make you feel cold.

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