Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Not Today

I can't blog today. I'm too (pick one or more)

a. stressed

b. black

c. white

d. purple

e. poor

f. rich

g. middle class

h. male

i. female

j. Christian

k. Jewish

s. Muslim

t. Buddhist

u. shinto

v. Hindu


x. Protestant

y. scareligious

z. scary

l. warped by my life experiences

m. angry

n. uncaring

o. loving

p. young

q. old

r.______________(fill in the blank)

to be verbal.

I'd label this "joke," but politics aren't really funny.

Ok, politics ARE funny.

And I really want to write about visiting the college library today.

I don't remember that the doors were so heavy.

They went back to the Dewey decimal system.

I'm used to pedestrians walking out in front of my vehicle all the time, but it really worried me that five different cars pulled out right in front of me when I clearly had the right of way. They seemed to assume I'd brake for them. Of course I did, but I hope they don't get badly surprised some day. I know that some adolescents have the idea that they will live forever, but all these were alive on 9-11-01, when supposedly Americans finally learned that death is possible at any moment.

Some Americans knew that before then. Maybe I really AM too old.

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