Sunday, December 28, 2008


I've spent the last two evenings with Gurney's seed and plant catalogue. Edit: I don't know why I have so much trouble with links here, but if you copy and paste in your browser, you'll go to the Gurneys catalogue.

We don't have much garden space here, and the soil is poor. However, we now have a Rabbit Ranch, which produces a LOT of fertilizer. We'll try again this year, with enriched soil.

I tell you, at the end of every winter (are we there yet?) I get the urge to dig in the dirt. Mr. P's like that too.

However, we need a boy to hire to do the actual digging. Where are all those boys who used to come around for odd jobs? I bet it happens again this year. Our landlady next door has her lawnmower do ours too, but we need a garden digger. What's the going rate? I used to pay $5 an hour, but there's inflation.

May your surroundings flower in the New Year.

New topic: I'm listening to Wagner's Sygfried Idyll right now. It's beautiful and restful. However, I hate to admit to myself that I admire anything written by Wagner. Either his politics were awful, or he has guilt by association with Hitler. The WWII Germans considered his music their totem or something. I had the opportunity in Salzburg to attend a couple of Wagner operas, and in this town I'll never have that opportunity. However, I refused to go along with the group and chose Mozart instead. Surprisingly, the group came along with me.

May you be blessed with beauty, rest, and egalitarianism.

Edit: Wagner's politics were awful. He was anti-semitic.

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Diana Moses Botkin said...

You've made me wish for spring here! Alas we are months away from being able to dig in the dirt for a garden.

Right now we have 3 feet of snow on the ground up here at the edge of the earth. I see that you are near the Flint Hills... one of my favorite places!

Blest wishes for 2009!