Monday, March 16, 2009

The tv Camera, Our Wellness and Diet

The funny tattle on myself first. At the grocery store this morning, there were a tv reporter and camera man. They set up to film me. I said, loudly, " I don't like the idea of my double chin being on tv. " I couldn't much move because I was at the checkout. The camera man continued. I stuck out my tongue. He left.

We got the 'flu last Oct. 20 and haven't felt well since. However, we woke up well today! Thank You, Father.

Have you ever considered how awful it would be if we didn't heal, and carried around every scratch, scrape, and broken this or that, that we ever had?

However, a few weeks ago I was worried about a family member in another city, and my blood pressure went up considerably. I haven't been looking at sodium intake because I once had a low sodium test and was told to use extra salt. Also, if my stomach is upset, eating extra salt helps. This time, I could correlate blood pressure to sodium intake.

Well, now I'm a rabid reader of nutrition labels for sodium. There are a lot more prepared foods available that are low fat than are low sodium. I found a web site last night that sells calcium carbonate to use in baking, instead of sodium, for leavening. Until then, we're going to eat flattish pancakes. I've even purchased honey to use instead of syrup, which is pretty high sodium.

For decades I have written down, on the days I was trying to eat right, everything, with it's fat, sat fat, carbs, and protein. I occasionally come across sheaves of paper with my diet from years past. Recently I've added sodium. It seems a pity to use all that paper, so I've decided to make a separate blog about diet. We'll see how this works.

Since I will mostly have to cook from scratch, I've redefined my major job description as "cook".

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mahi Mahi Dolphin Fish and the higher functions of some mammalian structures

A couple decades ago, give or take a year or two, I treated myself to a stopover in Honolulu for a few days. I tried to avoid major tourist attractions, so went to lunch one day at a modest restaurant. I decided to try the Mahi on the menu, and asked the waitress what it was. She looked at me a little strangely and said,"Some people like to eat it. It tastes good."

Later I heard (erroneously) that I'd eaten dolphin. I grieved. Dolphins,whales, and primates (including us) have the extra layer of brain at the front called a neocortex, which, when I studied it so long ago, appeared to be the region in which we have awareness of self.

Then mahi mahi came to the local Walmart. We discussed buying some, but as I explained my misgivings about eating beings with self-awareness, Mr. P tried to tell me that this mahi mahi was not like Flipper, the dolphin.

I didn't get it until today. The food I ate in Honolulu, mahi mahi, is a dolphin FISH, that is in no way related to the mammals called porpoises, also called dolphins.

I ate a fish, not Flipper.

I suppose, if I were hungry enough, I might eat dolphin, whale or primate, with appropriate thanksgiving.

All of us with dogs and cats around us know that they understand a large vocabulary of human words and can have their feelings hurt. So, especially since I don't keep up with brain research, I'm not yet ready to say that the housepets don't have awareness of self.

Mr. P says he's known some personable cows, too.

Above is a dolphin fish, not a mammal. Oh, well, the guy with the arm is a mammal.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Etsy Treasury Urls

It has taken me a long time to rese4arch the nuts and bolts of making a treasury (it's like a showcase or storefront). I'm babystepping my way to doing it.