Saturday, August 23, 2008


Door of Hope by Sawyer

I usually get my news from the BBC web site. That's because many times American news sources have advertisements that move and distract my eyes. However, I know that the BBC has a little different slant than others.

So I was looking at American sources today and got so depressed that I googled "Christian news". That led me to the above article about evangelism in China during the Olympics. It's strictly forbidden, of course, and the Christians are not standing on street corners passing out tracts. But it seems to be a real endeavor. Why did I not know about this? Or simply assume it would happen and lend my prayer support?

It reminded me of one of our very best episodes. We live in a college town, and a few years ago a couple of Chinese students came by on bicycles and started a conversation. They are from the ROC on Taiwan.(There are a lot of Christians in that China.) Both husband and wife had masters degrees in microbiology, my favorite, so we had a lot in common.

We'd see them around town and eventually we mentioned that they really needed Jesus in their heart. They agreed and came over for lunch. In our living room they accepted Christ. Holy Spirit confirmed that it was a true conversion.

We did nothing in this. They were so ripe for salvation that they were falling off the tree. I am so grateful to Father that we could participate in this little way. Many workers labor for years without seeing much fruit. No doubt some one else had planted and watered.

I keep thinking there must be many in Beijing who are also ready.

Then, too, a student from Saudi Arabia stopped us to ask questions the other day, about local housing.

Mr. P says it's not likely, but it could happen.

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