Thursday, August 14, 2008


Since I've mentioned Warm Woolies several times here, I should also mention a change in policy there. They had been sending yarn, to those of us who needed it, at no expense to the knitter. Now they are asking for the $10 or so it takes to send the box, and asking that the knitted items be returned in three months. Seems reasonable.

The duck decanter, pictured above, has absolutely nothing to do with Warm Woolies.


Sheryl Kenoyer said...

Well, since you looked at my fractals, I had to come to your blog and I immediately added it as a favorite! I just LOVE your microbiology and hystology embroidery! I am a lab tech - and I think they are fabulous! Also - the midwest - I'm originally from Kansas - so we have three connections now! Nice to meet you!

P and P said...

Thanks for your comment. Up with KS microbes!