Thursday, September 11, 2008

Customs Fees and Duties

I finally found the import/export regulations I've been worried about. USPS .com has the rules for each country. They are really hard to find, because they seem to be accessible only from the "Customs Forms" page and then you must scroll down to find the link to "Prohibitions and Restrictions."

The consequences for breaking the law are considerable.

You know how excited I get when I have an international sale. I may rethink my policies. I've already edited shop policies to say that buyers are responsible for duties and knowing the laws of their own countries for import. That disclaimer probably isn't enough.

There was a very strange order tonight. The etsy order and the paypal invoice gave an American address, but etsy said it was in Venezuela. Perhaps the buyer is currently in Venezuela but wants the item shipped to the US address. In that case, no laws are being violated. I await clarification.

Americans in Venezuela might want to repatriate. Chavez is kicking out the American ambassador.

Obviously, we're not anywhere near a global economy.

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