Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Creativity

I'm really having fun today. The top photo is of the hand embroidered butterfly to go in the shop. Below that is a better photograph of the embroidered piece,"Neutrophil Engulfing Bacterium", which is also Histology Fantasy 2.

I went thrifting today and had a marvelous find of 4 dark colored skins. They are labeled, "Seal Dyed Coney Skin." They are marvelous, actually better quality than the rabbit skins we have. They are small, so they'll become mittens for a youngster or small woman. Or a small man, I guess.

I knew that coneys are something like rabbits, but looked it up, and am now more uncertain of what I know. Some people call rabbits coneys, I think, but there are other, smaller animals that are a bit different, and called coneys.

In any case, they are fantastic skins.

I've been making mittens with the fur on the inside, which makes them warmer, but these are so beautiful I think I'll leave the fur on the outside, for fashion. I mean, really, if anyone is going to climb K2, they're going to buy scientifically designed gloves, and not rely on animal skins.

Off to make mittens

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