Friday, October 3, 2008

Yesterday's Post and Continued International Complications

Evidently, my post yesterday was GP, rather than G. The link works from my blog, but when I linked to a Christian forum, the Godtube website said that the video had not yet been approved , and then that it was not available. OK, nobody under 13 has my permission to watch a couple of crippled dancers.

I've been having a very interesting anonymous email conversation with a Japanese man who evidently considers the great grandchildren, born in Japan, of Koreans, brought as slaves to Japan before 1945, to be Korean nationals. That means they can't vote in Japan and can't get a Japanese passport. It's my understanding that they can't get Korean passports either, so they cannot travel outside Japan.

Since he's so adament, I'm researching further. However, I strongly suspect him to be a Nationalist Jr. High School English teacher. They have a philosophy similar to the KKK and other white extremists in America, and openly admire Adolph Hitler. God save us from all such.

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