Friday, July 4, 2008


I love living in this country,especially in a smallish midwestern town.

I don't deny there's a lot wrong here, but we can have hope we'll muddle through.

Where something's wrong we can talk, organize, vote, send emails, flood offices with letters, or stand on the street with a sign.

No, it's not utopia. There is gross misuse of power and a lot of selfish near-sighted people. Gas is expensive, groceries are inflating rapidly...

Most of us only think we believe in equality.

I'm depressing myself. I'd better not mention social security and medicare.

I will NOT publish a post ending on such a note, so I will remember the kind, the generous, the devout, the competent, and those with good character(which means truly doing the best you can). Today I will remember why America is beautiful.

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