Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Embarassment

I embarassed myself again, this time on a group for the etsy team, Mad Scientists of Etsy. To tell the short version, I wrote"everybody knows that one of the Leakeys came clean about their hoax,"
or close to that.

First of all, I was brought up better than to use words like: everybody, nobody,always, or never.

Then, I googled Leakey hoax, and it doesn't seem to be as clear cut as I thought it was. If anyone knows where I can read a fairly reliable account, please let me know.

To set the record straight, I have no problem with evolution or long earth history. It looks pretty sure that God did it that way. As I've posted here before, I like how the Reasons to Believe crowd and Gerald Schroeder discuss it.

It's just the Leakeys with whom I have a problem.

I would really like some feedback on this. Thank you.


Gina - RoseThistleArtworks said...

I am not an expert in this field. But, I will offer my opinions for what they are worth.

I am constantly amazed how much "faith" is required in major leaps of "scientific" thought. It is my understanding that a JAWBONE was found. One jawbone. The rest of these mutated ancient people were "extrapolated on faith" by artists into the hunchbacks we see in museums, etc. Why would I have more faith in some artist or guy who found a jawbone than in the Word of God that has been proven true over thousands of years?

In Job, God describes a dinosaur. His Word is also clear that this world is millions of years old. There is no discrepency between what God says and true science. In fact, a true scientific mind is an asset to studying God's Word. Anyone who takes a leap of faith in some other person's interpretation and doesn't study on their own and have their own questions answered, will be easily mislead whether it be on what the Bible says or in science. How many times have we heard "new studies show that the old studies were wrong!" regarding science? As we grow and learn more about the world about us, it is natural that we will have better understanding of the old things, too. The same is true of the Bible. Go to the original languages and really dig in and study and you will find there is no conflict with true science. They validate each other.
I think it is the ultimate conceit for modern man to denegrate people who lived in the past and then be shocked and amazed at how clever these animalistic humans were. In my opinion and in God's Word, people have always been people. Some of us lived in ancient times in a cleaner world without advanced technology. Some of us live with the advanced technology and all the pollution. "They" are just as clever as "we". They just have different tools and live in a different environment.
I'm sorry you had an embarassing moment. But, I believe you were right in bringing up a question about what by many "scientists" is considered unquestionable because of their faith in the infallability of one man.

yarn2spin said...

My husband is a creation scientist that speaks to the subjects you mentioned. I am going to forward your blog to him as you requested feedback. He is a young earth creationist, so may offer a different perspective.

As a fellow etsian, Christian and fiber artisan, I hope this helps. I myself cannot be of much help.

P and P said...

Thank you both for commenting.

To be absolutely fair to the mAD sCIENTISTS, the problem was that the finding of Lucy, who turned out to be not us, was attributed, incorrectly, I think, to a Leakey. I just jumped with my half-remembered science history and referenced the Piltdown hoax. The mad ones (lol) were quite nice about it. m

I love finding verses in the Bible that are supported by modern science. I have a lot of respect for honest modern science, not the nightly news version of it. Studies demonstrate this or that and some other scientists work with different subjects and come up with different results. Most scientists know that and don't "believe" the results of their own studies.

I can't judge any results from the nightly news, because it is not explained how the study was set up, nor how the subjects were chosen.

Of course, being human, we do tend to defend our own opinions. Sigh Thank you so much for commenting.