Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Geography and Pre-fur Bunnies

When I was going to school at UMKC, I had a job in the Office of Academic Affairs. The Asst. Dean for AA sometimes sent packages to Beijing. I was so delighted to pack them and mail them that the office manager always saved them for me to do. I thought that after living in Japan I was all sophisticated and would no longer be impressed by foreign addresses.

Well, evidently I still am. I'm even excited by selling items from the etsy shop to coastal States in the USA. I started hyperventilating today when I got an email from the UK about postage. Do you think I've been in the Midwest too long?

Another rabbit, Snowflake, kindled 10 today. I'd put up a photo, but they're pretty primitive looking, before fur.

So I'll tell you another story to show you how I haven't yet quite grown up. I like to sing to the rabbits, sometimes pretty silly songs:

Every bunny needs some bunny sometime(Dean Martin, if you remember him)

Rudolph the Red-nosed bunny (in this version, Jesus comes to say one night...)

Jesus loves the little bunnies, all the bunnies in the world...

I began to wonder if I weren't somehow wrong to sing the last one, so I asked Mr. P,"Does Jesus really love the little bunnies?" Mr. P said, "Well, I guess He must, He gave them all fur coats."

So I hope we're all warm, or cool , as needed, and have full tummies.

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