Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Local Babies, etc.

I know a couple of little girls, one of whom has arrived and one of whom is still on the way. So I knitted away and then made some totes, to use instead of giftwrap.

The lady above is Misharee the Library Clerk. She's so happy because, after two boys, number three is a girl.

The pink and purple sweater is for the daughter of Sean who we know from the Wellness Center.

I made two totes, like the photo on top, because I figure no family has enough bags. It was all a lot of fun.

The sweaters are Caron Simply Soft acrylic yarn, from The Yarn Basket.

The Mad Scientists of Etsy have a monthly challenge, on some theme. For July it's "platypus" and I made a quick and dirty entry, using a purchased shopping bag, from that infamous store we all would like to avoid. I suppose none of us would like to be caught using a bag from there, so I embellished it with frog fleece and a stylized platypus, covering the store name. Frogs beware. The platypus is coming.

The orange hyperbolic plane also made it onto the etsy store, minus Mr. P's long-suffering face.

If you haven't checked out the Christian Artists Street Team Christmas in July sale, you might. Plenty of bargains.

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