Thursday, July 10, 2008


I love this vivid, vintage dress. I tried very hard to think of ways to enlarge it so I could wear it, but I was never convinced I wouldn't ruin it. So it's in the etsy shop.

It's labeled Grande, but Large means different things in different decades.

Which leads me to discuss the meaning of Plus Size. It astonishes me to search for Plus Size dresses and be presented with a 38 in. bust. Are they kidding?

I look around when I go shopping and there are a bunch of us for whom there were no dresses on the rack to fit us until the 80's. (Of course, in the 70's I was smaller and could find dresses on the rack. There were just none that would fit me now.)

There seems to be a real need for stylish clothing to fit the woman of brave proportions, and doesn't cost an appendage.

However, there are some marvelous clothes available at

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