Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Dress , Hypermiling, and Mora

I tried having a picture taken of myself in a dress I'd made, several years ago, from the princess pattern shown below. Aside from the fact that my chin is more than double today, it turns out that the dress doesn't fit me as well as I thought it did. A photograph is much more revealing than the mirror.

Fortunately I've learned some things about fitting a pattern, since I made that dress. For one thing, it's meant to have shoulder pads, which I always leave off because they're just one more layer to hold in the heat. So, it's too wide on the shoulders. Also, while it fit my bosom when I made it, things have changed. I can fix the dress. Enjoy your youth while you're young. (Later note: I won't fix the dress. It was also made before I learned to finish seams, and has raveled so much that it doesn't seem worth my time.)

On to gasolene economy. We drive a gas hogging van. However, we do so little driving that we only buy about 10 gallons of gas a month. I try really hard to conserve what we buy, gliding into yellow lights and starting slowly. When I see people doing jack rabbit starts and and riding both the gas pedal and the brake, I wonder that there aren't more discussions about gas economy. Maybe there are, and I've somehow missed them.

I did find one blog post about it, hypermiling, discussed on a blog called Old Testament Ecology.
It's on wikipedia too.

Mr P has had some Amish friends, and he thinks they might, as they drive their buggies and feed their horses hay, be quietly and gently laughing.

Mora ( the Rabbit Formerly Known as Fillmore) stopped eating as soon as she had her babies. We feed rabbit food pellets with alfalfa and other nutritious ingredients, with the occasional carrot, as a treat. She stopped eating pellets. We plied Mora with carrots, cabbage leaves and a little milk, with little success. The babies weren't dehydrated and were warm and wiggly, but their ribs were obvious. We cajoled, we prayed.

Then I remembered reading on The Adventures of Chrystal and Godiva that rabbits eat raisins. We offered them with great success. Mora now eats all the fresh produce we offer and is even eating a few alfalfa pellets. The babies are thriving. Thank you to all involved.

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