Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Runaway Bunnies and What if I Wrote a Blog...

and nobody read it?

That's how I felt yesterday, since I haven't had a comment in days. Mr. P was my solace.

Then, this morning, I asked around the gym and grocery, and found out some people do read it. I salute you. You made my day.

The rabbits are incarcerated, no, housed in the basement. They're on a ledge, about waist high, so we have easy access. The mature rabbits look out and down but show no interest in escaping. We had a runaway bunny once before, and it took about six weeks to catch him. He seemed relieved to be back with his sibs, even though we had been putting out food and water for him.

This morning as I watered Mora, two of her babies, who don't yet quite fill my hand, jumped out to the floor. One let me pick him up easily. The other one lead me back and forth and around for awhile. Since the previous runaway had learned to hide under the washer and dryer, I was determined to catch this one before he learned that trick.

So I turned on the water, put the nozzle of the hose to Gentle, and kind of herded him. He did get wet, but gently. Eventually he hid his eyes behind a paint can and I was able to pick him up. The drenched bunny sat away from the others in the cell, no cage, but Mora went over and checked on him.

Below is the wet bunny, being shy. Below that is Mora and if you look left, you see another shy, but dry, bunny behind her. The photo below that is of bunnies still in the nest box.

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