Friday, July 18, 2008


Following is the link to the photo of a beautiful handpainted bookmark. All of Catherine's things are beautiful. I bought this one.

I particularly liked this bookmark because, the first time I met Mr. P, that song, El Shaddai (maybe there are several?) kept running through my head. Truly He is great. Mr. P and I keep saying, after 11 years, that God gave us to each other to prove that He exists and that He loves us.

So, here are some photos of things I listed in the shop today.

Three Autumn ornaments with eccentric yoyos and felt. They are two sided, for many uses, including wearing as a bracelet with a costume. Below are the backs.

Sorry about the bad photo.

We got all excited at our house today because Mr. P's toys sold. More are on the way. I guess I'm easy to impress, because I'm all adither that the buyer is from a high rent district on a coast.

The image adder on this blog is very slow tonight, so I'll just refer to our etsy shop for the new orange tote and the vintage yoyo clown, etc.

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