Saturday, July 19, 2008


Sir Isaac Rooster, pictured at the end of the last post, has sold. Again, to a buyer on a coast.

I'm extraordinarily happy with even the few sales our etsy shop is making. I think it might be because I haven't actually earned money (a few $ here and there) in the last 11 years.

Mr. P jokingly asked me last night if I felt like a kept women. We laughed and I said that if I sat all day smoking my pipe, reading books on tape, and finishing toys, while he did all the food prep, laundry,scheduling, bill paying, managing the household inventory, and being a reader to the blind, and dealing with other disabilities, then I might feel like a kept woman.

I wasn't brought up to be this kind of woman. It's harder than I had thought.

With Mr. P confined to his smoking room all day, we don't often see each other until dinner. So after dinner has been OUR TIME. But last night, I was listing on etsy and doing market research. I think I'd better cut off the computer work at 5pm.

The local hospital had a computer program that required information about the spouse's employment and my options were "retired" or "unemployed." Once I said"reader to the blind",
but the clerk didn't buy it.

I found a painter from Manhattan, KS who obviously understands the beauty of Kansas. I really like this one.

P.S. The above link doesn't work anymore because Miriam is temporarily closed. You can see more of her work at, especially after the middle of Sept.

Gratuitous photo of needlepointed flowers.

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