Friday, July 18, 2008

S G Hulett is having a "Help My Daughter" Sale. She does good work so check out her shop and see if there's any item you see in your future.
Daughter is pregnant, and through no fault of her own, must leave her home.

I found, on the same digest that I read about the above situation, a post I'd made, saying that I agree heartily with most of the cast opinions. The ones with which I don't agree? Well, I can't really respond to them. Sometime, in the 5 decades I've been a Christian, I would have said the same thing. Once in awhile on etsy, I see something in the CAST shops that I don't consider tasteful or modest. I couldn't possibly say that to the shop owner, because sometime in my life, I have worn clothes just like them, which I now feel are immodest. So, I understand.

Recently in the heat and humidity here, I've thought about pulling out some of that immodest stuff. However, it just doesn't feel right any more.

I've become increasingly fascinated with the items for sale on etsy, and comparing them with the same thing offered on ebay. I probably need to find another selling venue, and everyone knows about ebay. To cover the higher costs on ebay, the sellers generally charge more than on etsy. but there's probably more exposure on ebay. Do you have to sell to the highest bidder, even if it's lower than what you need? I desparately need the advice of someone who has sold on ebay.

Above is a gratuitous portrait of Sir Isaac Rooster.

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