Friday, June 20, 2008

Spot the Rabbit and Pseudospheres

Spot came from the Feed Store. I had help choosing a boy rabbit. (lol) Our herd is supposedly New Zealand Whites, but we think there's some dwarfism mixed in. Dwarves are perfectly fine people, but not so good for our purpose in raising rabbits.

Our other rabbits are all white, but Spot is mixed, and we hope he'll add size and strength to the herd. Isn't he cute?

I added some models of hyperbolic space to the Esty shop

See photos above.
They were a lot of fun to make. There are three different red pseudospheres, in the one set. (Enough to pass around a math class) They will also make dandy Christmas decorations.

I'm also working on an orange model of a hyperbolic plane. It would look good with Autumn decor, I think.

Other new stuff in the shop, too.

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