Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mad Scientists of Etsy

I'm a member of both Christian Artists Street Team (CAST) and the Mad Scientists of Etsy team. (MSOE) I'm just getting acquainted with the latter and they all seem so very talented,both scientifically and artistically.

Subsequently, I found a very interesting blog of scientists' tattoos at

Some of these are fascinating. Then there are others.

I particularly liked the serotonin molecule(the natural high).

If you tattooed an equation or formula you needed for an academic test, would you have to cover it with a bandaid for the test?

When I started brainstorming about an ETSY shop, I jotted an idea about embroidering the Krebs cycle.(The basic way we get energy). Recently,I looked around the web to see how others have depicted it.

Wow! Thirty years ago we got black and white handouts. Now they have animated colorful cartoons. It's like Science as Art has BEEN DONE.

This video of an abbreviated Krebs Cycle tickles me silly.

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