Friday, June 27, 2008

The Hyperbolic Plane Neck Ruff

Mr. P is a wonderful husband.

He's been listening to me go on about hyperbolic space for awhile now. When I told him the hyperbolic plane, at its current stage, might do for a neck ruff (I'm thinking costume or a way for a math instructor to wake up students) he agreed to model it. I did actually tell him that if I used the photos on etsy I'd crop them so his face didn't show.

However, I'm using them here because he's so obviously patient in his pain of being seen on the front porch wearing a ruff. Isn't he wonderful?

Indeed the LYS had more Peaches&Cream cotton in Sunburst. Lorene has been so helpful. You can find her at

The Yarn Basket
703 N Broadway in the Hotel Stillwell
Pittsburg, KS 66762


Lorene VanBuren
"Knit fluent, some Crochet spoken"

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