Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sacking commodities...

Today at the Salvation Army was fun.  We had 4 teenagers who ran me ragged.  They were fun to watch as they devised ways to play while quickly doing their work.

As we gathered one young beauty was showing her bosom.  I walked behind and said, "Please forgive me. Don't hate me," and pulled up the shoulders of her top.  She gave me a hug when she left.

I had greeted them with "I'm 60.  How old are you?"  One young politician exclaimed, "No way are you 60!"  She made my day.

There sure wasn't much food.Cereal,raisins, corn, green beans, pistachios (!) pasta and some people got a bottle of cranapple juice.  There is but one distribution a month, to people who live on, for example $600 a month. Sure, there is subsidized housing and foodstamps.  Ok, by the world's standards, they are rich.

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KippysSoMature said...

YES!!! Oh Patti - my precious big sister, and now sister and mom , aunt to even more :D you care and you love in Him :D