Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Jesus taught...

abstract concepts, like rejoicing, using concrete objects.

So, dear readers, can you think of a way to use concrete examples to teach rejoicing?  TY


KippysSoMature said...

hmmm - I may not understand the question, here goes:

just as the kids come to the Army, and get some food and drink (whether a lot, or a little) and are loved....all that comes directly from God. the love, the food, the building the legs they walk on....and He gives HOPE living and real hope, that does not fade - In HIM; once you have Him, He will NEVER let you go no matter what anyone does or says, and no matter what you do or say - once dead, now living

I already know this is a bad example

P and P said...

Kippy, I think you're on the track. They may be unhappy because there is no food at home, but can always rejoice knowing that the S. A. has something for them. TY