Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mrs. P's Pithy Pronouncement

I was an apostate, worldly Christian, but was ordained a lay priest and went to Japan on a missionary visa to teach Biology and Algebra at a church related University.  The job was not as advertised and I lost my faith, having equated that denomination with God.  I did not understand sin so I did not understand the need for Salvation.

Investigating Buddhism and Hinduism, I found they simply did not feed me.

Years later, back in America, I experienced a very bad case of reverse culture shock and became mentally disorganized.  I could not hold a job and had many difficulties.  The Lord put me in a position where the only solution was to sincerely cry unto Him and marriage to Mr. P in a few days was the result.

When Mr. P kept asking if I were really saved, I kept saying yes, but finally said, "Oh, I'll do it again!"  I knelt in the living room and sincerely asked forgiveness and to receive Jesus as my Saviour and God..  I experienced a remembered but long forgotten witness within myself.  There is joy in Jesus!  Rejoicing in the presence of God!  I knew I was forgiven and back in the fold.   I had to tell people about Jesus!

I called a Jewish friend in Japan.  Lost a friend .I wrote letters to friends in Japan to whom I should have witnessed.  My enthusiastic Christianity was not well received. I had to tell people about Jesus!

Christians stopped me on the street and asked if they knew me.  I believe they sensed Holy Spirit in me. I asked clerks if they were going to heaven. and was amazed by how few knew it happens only through JESUS!

Since coming to the Salvation Army last year it's like I finally woke up.  I've surrendered more completely to Jesus and He has responded with great blessings, all spiritual, some physical, some mental.  I'm much healthier now than six months ago and somehow think I'll be healthier still.

I've come to a better understanding of what Jesus meant when He said, "Be ye perfect..."

Joining the Salvation Army is a lifelong commitment, a covenant.  Mr. P has considered it his whole life.  It's new to me. It's the right thing to do, but life is a long time (maybe).  I asked for direction and guidance two nights ago.Why would God have not somehow prepared me to think about joining  S.A. before now?  I wandered around the house and decided to organize the stack of boxes behind my chair in the living room, untouched for years. One box contained books, most of which I don't remember acquiring.  There was a small red softback, published in 1956, that I evidently had picked up at a rummage sale some time.  PREPARATION FOR SOLDIERSHIP. It's the outline of lessons for S.A. recruits,and it all sounds very familiar from our recruit classes!  SO, God had somehow attracted me to S. A. sometime.  It's a small but very interesting event.

In this little book, it's all about JESUS!