Monday, May 4, 2009

More About Kip

Kip turned out really handsome. When I last saw him, in infancy, I wouldn't have bet on it. (lol)

I managed to call Kip's paternal grandmother today, and we said all the right things. I asked if she knew if he had ever accepted Jesus as LORD. She said that she thought not, which is very hard. She belongs to a denomination that does not believe"Once Saved, Always Saved," though I don't know her personal belief. In any case, we comforted ourselves with the thought that he may have accepted Jesus in his childhood.

She also helped me understand why Donna, once a very close friend, had not responded to my letter. At that time, Donna had been involved in a cultish Christian denomination that discouraged contact with people of other denominations. Even the grandmother could not send cards or gifts at that time.

However, that cultish group does preach Jesus as Saviour, so I know Kip heard the Word.

Again, God bless all who mourne and please draw all His to Himself. In Jesus' Name, Amen

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