Sunday, August 26, 2012


I worked hard, with the aid of my exercise specialist, Amanda Bastien, to fit into the jacket. Did it, by the grace of God.  It's all by the grace of God.  I asked for God's succor and He gave it.

Love the brass bands .  Wish we had one locally.

We were re-enrolled as soldiers by the national commander, commissioner  William A Roberts, a spiritual man. I considered fainting with the emotion of it, but didn't.

Pete was physically weaker than we expected and there were many many servants to help, most notably Cptn Gary Gugala, our local officer, who was always right there.

There were people there I just wanted to pack up and bring home with me.  As it was enjoyed the laughter of the teenagers in the van on the way home.

At the grocery this evening the people seemed spiritually dead.  We will pray that we can assist in some way as God draws people unto Himself.

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KippysSoMature said...

rejoicing in hope and in joy!!!